God’s Invisible Messengers

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Sarah Stegall

God has called us to the kind of supernatural life that Jesus lived. At the beginning of the New Testament church, God confirmed His Word with signs following, and the presence and words of angels further established the gospel in the Earth.

The book of Acts is replete with angelic visitations. A case in point would be the incident involving Peter in Acts 12. The believers who were gathered for prayer were skeptical about Peter’s being released from prison, choosing to believe that his angel rather than Peter was at the door.

If God hasn’t changed we have no reason to believe that angels were at work only in biblical times. Many would testify they are among us even now.

READ: Matt. 4:11; Acts 5:17-21; Acts 8:26-40; Acts 10:3-8; Acts 12:7-11; Acts 12:12-17.
HEART ISSUE: I want to challenge you to do a study of the book of Acts, taking note of every angelic appearance. Ask the Lord to show you their relevance to your own life today.
PRAYER FOCUS: Father, we are grateful to You for stirring our hearts to look beyond the natural into the supernatural. Thank You for sending us Your messengers. Give us eyes to see the reality of the spiritual realm and welcome these visitors to minister to us and to wage war on our behalf. Amen.

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