God is in Control

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Sarah Stegall

Hannah Whitall Smith had a tremendous revelation of the sovereignty of God. She allowed for no “second causes” in her life but was pleased to receive from the hand of the Lord all that He purposed and permitted.

Smith taught that the things with which we struggle will serve God’s will if we allow them to. She understood that when we fail to surrender to God in the middle of troubles, we deprive ourselves of His divine comfort when we need it most.

READ: Ps. 5:1-12; Ps. 13:1-6; Ps. 35:1-28; Ps. 37:1-40; Is. 54:10-17; 2 Tim. 1:7-12; 4:14-18.
HEART ISSUE: What is it that threatens to rob your soul of rest? No matter what the concern may be– and even though you may have done it before–surrender the matter to God and trust Him completely.
PRAYER FOCUS: Father, thank You for the Word that reminds us of Your notice of everything that touches us. We release the worries, frustrations and cares we’ve wrongfully taken on. Help us to know divine comfort in stressful circumstances and make us channels through which Your consolation will flow to others. Amen.

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