Are You Ready to Possess Your Promised Land?

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The book of Numbers is so important to study! It all boils down to this: Numbers are in order; our God is a God of order. He is always in the details. We cannot even fathom with our understanding how much God is in the details.

God is the highest-level visionary, the ultimate Creator, architect and master craftsman. He has the blueprints for everything. Remember, the Bible says in Luke 12:7, “Indeed, even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Therefore do not fear. You are more valuable than many sparrows.”

No matter how far we stray, He can always bring things back into balance and order. But we have to do our part. God asks us for accountability and to be a good steward of that with which He blesses us. The book of Numbers teaches us these important lessons. You will find that order, responsibility, leadership, delegation, authority, significance and blessings are all common themes.

This book takes us on a journey through the desert with the Israelites. Do you feel like you are stuck in the wilderness, awaiting your promised land? It is time to put things in order. God is asking for your obedience and willingness to follow Him. This is how you will possess the land. This is a new era for you. Are you ready to possess your promised land?

Listen to this episode of Dream Church Live with Isik Abla on Charisma Podcast Network, Come Out of Your Wilderness: The Book of Numbers. {eoa}

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