A Woman’s Place in Christ

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Sarah Stegall

For centuries the church has come under the influence of cultural norms whereby women have been held to second-class status. There has been gross misunderstanding of the role of women in society and the church and a marked refusal on the part of many to acknowledge our accomplishments. God is holding His church to a higher standard than the world’s. He is calling for us to embrace the giftings of women and to appreciate the place they occupy in the heart and mind of God.

READ: Acts 16:13-15, 40; Acts 21:9; Rom. 16:1-12; 1 Cor. 11:2-16; 1 Tim. 2:8-15; Tit. 2:1-5.
HEART ISSUE: Humor has often been used to negatively indoctrinate women about themselves. Have you unwittingly bought into harmful stereotypes concerning women?
PRAY: Father, Your Word exposes Your great love for women. We ask that You open doors for the truth. Comfort broken women and mend relationships that have been destroyed through misunderstandings regarding gender roles. Make Your truth, Your divine plan known in our day. Amen.

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