Are There Really Modern-Day Prophets?

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Larry Sparks

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Jennifer LeClaire helps make the journey to the prophetic lifestyle clear and practical in her new book, The Making of a Prophet. We recently discussed this on my BlogTalkRadio show Voice of Destiny, and during our time together I was reminded that prophets are truly a gift to the body of Christ.

Maybe you don’t feel this way.

Perhaps you have had a negative experience with prophetic ministry. Maybe the prophet seemed more like a fortune-teller than a man or woman of God. Perhaps they specialized in calling people out and making them feel bad about their sins and shortcomings. Or maybe they were preoccupied with making outlandish future predictions that did not end up coming true.

The counterfeit always reminds us that the authentic and genuine is out there! True prophets should not be people we run away from, but rather receive as gifts. Just as apostles, evangelists, teachers and pastors are gifts to the body of Christ, the prophet is also an office—assigned by Christ—that serves as a gift to God’s people.

It is time for us as believers to open this gift in order to grow and mature more fully into the ambassadors of Christ we have been assigned to be. In this interview—and through LeClaire’s new book—you will learn how to open your prophetic gift!

Maybe you sense that you have been called to actually be a prophet in the body of Christ. This book will help guide you along the journey, give you clarity on areas of misunderstanding and help you identify (and overcome) many of the obstacles that come against the ministry of a prophet.

Or perhaps you want to know how the office of the prophet has been created to help you develop into a more effective follower of Jesus Christ. This book reveals how prophets are strategically positioned in the church for our benefit, blessing and building up into fully committed disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Larry Sparks is host of Life Supernatural, a weekly radio program that features best-selling authors, emerging filmmakers and key ministry leaders. In addition to serving as the director of curriculum resources for Destiny Image Publishers, Larry is president and founder of Equip Culture Ministries — an organization that equips believers to experience a life of sustained victory through the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. Visit him at or on Twitter at @LarryVSparks.

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