Tim Sheets Prophetic Dream: ‘Bears’ Are Going to Gasp Their Final Breath

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Shawn Akers

Apostle Tim Sheets says that while God is shaking a number of things and people in this tumultuous world of ours, there is one comforting thought believers should take to heart: We ourselves do not need to be shaken because we are part of a kingdom that’s not going to be shaken.

Sheets says he recently had a prophetic dream about the month of October “that we’re now going to see God destroy the works of iniquity of the enemy.”

“I was in a wilderness, a huge forest,” Sheets says. “I heard a bear that was dying. I’ve hunted bear and I know what that sounds like. But I heard a bear’s death rattle. When a bear is dying, they will roar. It’s a fierce kind of roar; it’s their last gasp. I heard this, and I followed the sound and I go over and find a dead bear. I dreamed that for three weeks in a row three different times.

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“The prophetic word I’m getting is that in the month of October, there are things of hell—ideologies of Baal—works of iniquity that are going to breathe their last. In other words, they’re on their last breath. They are gasping their last and I believe if we pray, things that are bears that are intimidating and coming in fierce against the people of God against our nation … there are some ideologies, some political things that are on their last breath.”

Sheets encouraged believers to get down on their knees, pray diligently and to get bold in their faith to help bring down strongholds that have severely weakened our nation.

“I’m going to declare that and ask you to pray along with me,” he says. “I’m going to study that out more and do a sermon on that, but I feel like October is a time when God is going to bring things that are very fierce—deep, iniquitous roots, ideologies, doctrines—that are only their last legs. They are breathing their last if we will pray. I ask you to agree with me and pray—pray in the Holy Ghost if you don’t know what to pray—but I’m going to pray these things:

“Lord, I believe we’re moving into a time of great strategy for the body of Christ and we’ve got to hear from You. It is a time when we must rise up and boldly declare our faith; boldly speak what you say, even like this dream with the bears that are dead; to boldly stand and say there are ideologies that are breathing their last. In October, we declare an end to you. They’re going to die. They’re going to go away in Jesus’ name.

“We speak to those powers of darkness that have exhibited themselves in our nation and we say in October that they end in Jesus’ name. Send power to bring them completely down in Jesus’ name. … We declare that October will be a month that sees the passing away of evil programs and strategies. God, we pray that there comes a supernatural release of power that comes against it to take it out, to remove the bears from the scene.” {eoa}

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Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma Media.

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