Tim Sheets Prophecy Being Fulfilled With Horrific Shaking of Israel

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Shawn Akers

Apostle Tim Sheets says there has never been a prophetic word downloaded to him that he wishes he had missed more than this one.

In early June, Sheets prophesied that a great shaking would come to the nations later in the year. And, he says, he doesn’t know of any greater sign that this is a shaking taking place than “the covenant nation with Almighty God, Israel, declaring war.”

Shortly after Oct. 7, when Hamas launched a shocking and unexpected attack on Israel, the Israeli government declared war on the terrorist organization. The war continues to rage today (Oct. 17) and promises to become even more intense the coming days.

“What a sobering time we live in, and it’s not that God hasn’t warned us and prepared us,” Sheets says in a recent message. “But when you get into the middle of an Antichrist uprising, it is time to pay attention and time to pray.”

Sheets points back to June 4, when he said a great shaking would come and lead to a reset of not only America but also many nations back to covenant roots with God.

“Obviously that shaking has begun,” Sheets says. “… There has been a festering of evil all over this planet and in even in our own United States. But God has said that festering is all going to come to a head. The evil is going to cause a great shaking, and that is now before us.

“But He also said, if you remember, ‘Don’t get shook. Don’t be fearful.’ We will win, but we must stand. It’ll will be painful, but we must stand,” Sheets adds. “That is now before our eyes. We must be a people that stands in great faith and a people that that prays as intercessors and intervenes on behalf of our nation and our world and Israel.

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“Hamas terrorists invaded Israel, killing over a thousand,” he says. “We’ve got Americans that have been killed, and so many have been captured. I know that most of you are paying close attention; you’ve seen the news about kids being killed and babies beheaded, women. It’s terrible, Violence, brutality barbarians are on the loose, and it is Israel’s 9/11; it is their Pearl Harbor.

One of the worst and most shocking parts of the entire situation, Sheets says, is that people around the world are actually cheering on this “slaughter” and when Israel defends itself, the nation is accused of its own brutality.

While American soldiers have been dispatched in Israel and the Israel Defense Forces have been battling the enemy since the war began, Sheets says he has is certain that heaven is heavily involved in this conflict.

In heaven, angels have been dispatched to minimize this and fight for God’s nation of Israel,” Sheets says. “I have no doubt that Michael the Archangel the seraphim [are] very involved at this moment.

“Israel has been through tough times for 3,000 years, and some of it was painful, but God has always brought them through, and He will again,” Sheets says. “Psalms 121:4 says, ‘He who watches over Israel neither slumbers or sleeps.’ Also and let this clearly be known, Genesis 12:3 says of Israel, ‘God says, “I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you.”‘ God Almighty will curse Hamas, and we command it with Him in Jesus’ name.”

Sheets encouraged all believers to pray for Israel and for its military:

We pray, God that You would intervene, that Your angels would indeed protect supernaturally. Lord, let there be let there be testimonies of divine supernatural deliverance that takes place and begins to turn things around. We pray for the military leaders, that You would give them supernatural wisdom and understanding. And I pray, God, for the Prime Minister Netanyahu and for the pressure that this man is under at this point. Lord, we pray that You would enable them to make exactly the right decisions at the right time and the right place. We pray for decisive victory, in Jesus’ name. {eoa}

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Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma Media.

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