The One Year Bible’s Amazing Scheduled Reading for Eclipse Day

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Abby Trivett

Each day in the One Year Bible, readers go through both a portion of the Old and New Testament to complete the bible in one year. However, unlike any other day, today’s reading in Luke discusses knowing the signs of the times.

Luke 12:54-56 reads:

“Then He said to the crowd: ‘When you see a cloud rise out of the west, immediately you say, ‘A shower is coming,’ and so it is. And when a south wind blows, you say, ‘There will be heat,’ and it happens. You hypocrites! You can discern the face of the sky and of the earth. But why do you not know how to discern this time?”

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It’s interesting that today’s reading, the day of the total solar eclipse that many believe is a call for America to come to repentance, would be the day in Scripture reading where Jesus is telling people they have no idea how to discern the times they are in. People can look at the weather and tell what the conditions are going to be like, but they do not look around at everything else happening and see the clear sign that His return is near.

Today, millions of people will look up at the heavens to the phenomenon of the eclipse. Perhaps it is more than just some coincidence. It may just be an actual prophetic warning that we are getting closer to His coming, and now is the time to turn and face toward Christ.

If you look at the previous Scriptures from the April 8 One Year Bible reading for Luke, this is also the passage where Jesus is warning the disciples to be ready for the return of the Son of Man.

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“If He comes in the second watch, or comes in the third watch, and finds them so, blessed are those servants,” (Luke 12:38). Jesus continues: “Therefore be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.” (v. 40).

Jesus is coming back. He will return, and He expects us to be ready. No matter what your reason is for watching the eclipse, know this: God gives more than just signs in the sky for daily living. We should look at the eclipse and other phenomenon with a willingness to see that these very well may be the beginnings of the birthing pains that Jesus told the world about.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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