The Hidden Key to Ushering in the Greatest Harvest We’ve Ever Seen

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We have been praying that God’s Spirit would be poured out on all flesh and that all would see the glory of God. Many believe there is yet a final outpouring of His Spirit that will usher in the greatest harvest ever seen. We have repented, fasted, prayed and appealed to heaven, longing to see the fullness of this promise. Even as these practices are right and good, in Proverbs 1 there is a hidden truth that may be another key in ushering in this long-awaited revival.

Wisdom cries out in the street; she utters her voice in the markets. She cries at the corner of the streets, in the openings of the gates; she speaks her words in the city, saying: “How long, you simple ones, will you love simplicity? For the scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge. Turn at my reproof; surely I will pour out my spirit on you; I will make my words known to you (Prov. 1:20-23).

Wisdom is crying out in streets around the earth, stating that “she” can release an outpouring of the Spirit of God! Wisdom—not just prayer, passion or pursuit—but wisdom claims to have a key for heaven coming to earth! What is it about wisdom that would be so powerful as to open a door to revival? The answer lies in verse 23: “Turn at my reproof.” The word “reproof” means “rebuke, correction, chastisement, punishment.” Wisdom is saying that if we would turn and allow God’s discipline to have its way, God’s Spirit would be poured out on us!

Isn’t this the same as repentance? Haven’t we been doing that as a nation? I would propose that though we have repented of national sins and asked forgiveness for past wrongs, we have yet to fully embrace God’s discipline and correction as believers in our ongoing journey. It’s not only our past that He wants to transform, but our present condition as well. One of the biggest strongholds in our nation that is being displayed on screens around the world is that of rebellion against authority. It is the unwillingness to be corrected, challenged, rebuked or disciplined.

Unfortunately, this has also crept into the church. Due to past hurts from authority figures and corporate offenses against various denominations or churches, many have alienated themselves from the body and become convinced that any correction or rebuke is either religious, abusive or controlling. This has resulted in a belief system that shuts out wisdom’s lessons due to fear and rejection. Could this be why some of our prayers for this global outpouring are yet unanswered? Are our own painful experiences blinding us to wisdom’s work of correction and discipline?

Scripture teaches us that God disciplines those He loves (Prov. 3:11-12; Heb 12:7-11). He rebukes, corrects and chastises us so that we will become holy even as He is holy. This is the path to the center of His heart. I believe that the love of the Father is so strong, He will do anything to see that we become fully mature, built up and perfected (Heb 5:8-9). And, He will often use others in the process to guide, counsel and, yes, correct.

As we pray for our nation to be kingdom-centered and righteously governed, we must pray that our own hearts are free of any rebellion to God’s discipline. Wisdom’s finest work is often accomplished in the crucible and in the fire. If we can learn to listen to wisdom in those places, the promise for an outpouring of God’s Spirit may just happen. To pray effectively for this spirit of rebellion to be dismantled:

  • Ask the Lord to reveal any hint of rebellion in your own heart due to past hurts or misunderstandings (1 Sam. 15:23; Ps. 129:33).
  • Forgive those who have hurt you and release any offense, personal or corporate (Matt. 18:34).
  • Repent for any criticism, accusation or bitterness towards those in authority and determine to bless them and pray for them (Rom. 13:2; Matt. 6:14).
  • Determine to receive wisdom’s correction and discipline through those whom God places in your life (1 Pet. 5:5, Titus 3:1).

Habakkuk 2:14 says that “the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the seas.” His glorious presence is already being seen and demonstrated in many parts of the earth. But, it is His knowledge (wisdom) that is yet to be fully demonstrated through His sons and daughters. Let’s pray we can listen to wisdom and embrace those needed corrections so God’s Spirit can be poured out in fullness. {eoa}

Wanda Alger is a field correspondent and writer with Intercessors for America ( and has contributed to numerous online publications such as Christian Post, The Elijah List and Spirit Fuel. She is a recognized fivefold prophetic minister with DOVE USA ( and is the author of several books, including Oracles of Grace: Building a Legacy of Wisdom and Revelation. Follow her blog at

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