Canadian Evangelist: ‘There Is a Coming Revival Like We’ve Never Seen’

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Shawn Akers

Editor’s note: In this article, Evangelist Len Lindstrom told Charisma News he estimated a crowd of 1.4 and 2.5 million people in Ottawa for the Freedom rally. Lindstrom now says that while he believes that, guesimating from an aerial drone shot, that he believes “at least one million people converged upon the city” for the event, that it can safely estimated that tens of thousands of people were in Ottawa on a daily basis and hundreds of thousands on the weekends. Charisma News sincerely apologizes for the error.

As a preacher of the gospel for more than 45 years, Len Lindstrom knew he didn’t want to miss the opportunity—no matter what the obstacles.

After attending a rally of truckers in Victoria, British Columbia, the global evangelist knew the Freedom Convoy event in Ottawa would be huge for the kingdom and the body of Christ in Canada. He certainly wasn’t wrong about that, as the event gained headlines worldwide and let government officials in that country know that Canadians were tired and weary of lockdowns and restrictions—and they weren’t going to stand for it anymore.

“The spirit of God swept down on me and I began crying and praising God and I realized that this was Canada’s hour,” says Linstrom, the founder and leader of World Harvest and Len Lindstrom Ministries. “God impressed on me that we were going to see a change in our nation. I immediately wanted to go to Ottawa.”

The problem with that was that Lindstrom is unvaccinated and the Canadian government, he says, has been “draconian” in their lockdowns and restrictions of Canadian citizens who have not received the COVID-19 shot(s). Forbidden to fly commercial cross country from Vancouver to Ottawa, the 70-year-old Lindstrom attempted to find smaller charter flights to the Canadian capital, but “unless you were fully jabbed, you were just out of luck.”

Not deterred, Lindstrom decided to pack up his truck and head to Ottawa, armed with the revelation that God was going to do something miraculous there. He drove 4,500 kilometers (3,300) miles over the span of four days—by himself—and when he arrived what happened exceeded his dreams. The trip most likely would have drained anyone else his age, but Lindstrom rode a wave of adrenaline and expectation to reach Ottawa for what he knew was going to be a God-ordained event.

“I got there later than I wanted to, but as I was driving, there was no weariness. I felt a fire in my bones,” says Lindstrom, who has done over 450 stadium crusades around the world in over 100 nations and has seen over 11.5 million first-time decisions for Christ. “When I arrived here, I never in my life, anywhere in the world and certainly never in Canada, seen such an outpouring of love, compassion and joy. There were Canadians of every background and culture—English, French and native Canadian immigrants—all together shouting freedom, freedom, freedom. “I’ve never seen such a festive atmosphere nor the marvelous outpouring of the love and the grace of God anywhere in the world.

“Then, our want-to-be dictator, Justin Trudeau, called in his forces and began what I call his ‘crimes against humanity.’ The police came in and began arresting people. Through people like Trudeau, the world is being fed a total bunch of propaganda, lies and misinformation designed to show that the people gathered there were racist, misogynists and terrorists. He called us every derogatory name you could think of to try to turn the narrative and portray the truckers and the protesters, whom by the way were very peaceful, as evil people.”

On Friday, Feb. 18, after nearly two weeks of peaceful protests, some demonstrators were taken into custody by Canadian police. Sky News reported that some policemen “wore tactical unit uniforms and carried automatic weapons.” One person being led away held a sign that read “Mandate Freedom.”

A Canadian native, Lindstrom says the country he grew up in and has lived in his entire life is known for being one of the most “peacekeeping nations” in the world. Churches have become a prime target since the lockdowns and restrictions of COVID-19 were initiated at the beginning of 2020, and Lindstrom has been a witness to a great deal of that.

While watching the police “swoop down” over the protesters in Ottawa, Lindstrom wondered what had happened to his country.

“When push comes to shove, Canadians stood up, and they did so in peace,” Lindstrom says. “I preached my first message from the main central station, and when I did, I said, ‘This is how Canada does a holy revolution—with peace, love and joy. The atmosphere in the entire two weeks I was there was wonderful, loving. I never saw one argument or fight.

“But when the brutal forces were brought in, thousands of extra police, it essentially became martial law and everything changed. I was out there on the front lines. We saw a man being trampled. We ran into people that had been beaten by police, shot with rubber bullets and pepper sprayed. They still stood their ground without becoming violent toward the police. True Canadians have a backbone and stand up to tyrannical rule. All they want is their freedom, which many of their freedoms have been taken away from them.”

And, it has led to what Lindstrom says could be the first Great Awakening in Canada—ever.

Revival in Canada

In his recent article for, Pastor Jim Garlow asked, “How do you view the Canadian truckers event? A protest? A blockade? … Could it be a spiritual renewal? Or a revival? Or at least a “pre-revival,” a precursor to an awakening? Quite possibly.

Lindstrom has little doubt about the possibility of it being one of the latter three. On Feb. 17, he took part in a “Jericho March” around Ottawa, similar to that of Joshua and the Israelites in the Bible. In the natural realm, he says, walls didn’t fall in Canadian Parliament or at city hall. But in the supernatural realm …

“We all know the story about how Joshua and his men marched around the city for six days,” Lindstrom says. “Then on the seventh day, they went around the seventh time. I joined in with a thousand people who marched around that last lap, and you could just feel the presence of God. We were just shouting in victory. We got up on stage afterward and they lifted the shofar, and the trumpets blew. At 1:30 p.m. on Feb. 17, the shots and the airhorn blasts went out in Ottawa.

“From a biblical perspective, I believe what is happening in the court of public opinion in the world is huge. The battle is the Lord’s. With every fiber of my being, in the spiritual realm, I believe the walls of Parliament came crashing down. I declared the walls of tyranny were coming down, and the walls of resistance to Jesus Christ in our land have come crashing down. God is sending a mighty revival with signs, miracles and wonders of His glory. From sea to shining sea, it is a new day for Canada. And out of this has come a prototype where many other nations have captured the same concept with big convoys from Paris to Poland and New Zealand to America. The people around the world are rising up. God is going to win. The exposure of darkness is coming, and the light of Christ will shine.

“Many nations have seen great revival, but we’ve never had national revival in Canada. God has saved it for this time. This has opened the hearts of Canadians and they see the evil that is encroaching upon us, the totalitarian society. Our only places of safety and recourse is in the shelter and arms of God. I feel it in my spirit. My heart has ached for it for 45 years, but there is a coming revival like we have never seen.” {eoa}

Shawn A. Akers is the online editor for Charisma Media.

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