Bill Johnson: When God’s Light Shines the Brightest

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Our worldview is always shaped by our view of God. Who is He? What is He like? What has He designed us to be? The answers to questions like these determine what we expect to happen in our lifetime and how we should then live. Our view of God is not merely philosophical. It is the reality from which we choose to live.

For me, the goodness of God is the most non-negotiable thing in my life. It is the cornerstone of my theology. Interestingly, understanding this truth began to dramatically increase in my life after the loss of my dad through disease. That might seem like an odd time to learn such a thing. But in reality, I can’t think of a better time to learn it than when we’re in the middle of circumstances that war against the knowledge of God in our hearts. I was reminded of this truth during the recent outbreak of COVID-19. With the goodness of God in place, everything else is subject to that primary truth.

“The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; and He knows those who trust in Him” (Nah.1:7, NKJV).

His goodness is best seen in times of trouble. This becomes a place of refuge for the whole person, spirit, soul and body. To the Lord, trust is always the central issue. He knows those who trust Him. But no matter how wonderful the subject of goodness is, that goodness is not defined by the surrounding culture. It is illustrated in the person of Jesus Christ, who healed everyone who came to Him but also chased the money-changers out of the temple with a whip. He astonished people with His insights as He taught them how to live, but He was also silent before Pilate, unwilling to answer his questions. All His actions come from His goodness, revealing what He values and is willing to protect.

When things look out of control on a personal level or even in an international conflict, I return to the place of great safety and promise: the goodness of God. It repels the confusing thoughts and the bent toward embracing inferior answers or solutions. Remember, the enemy is not just trying to get me to sin. He is satisfied whenever I embrace an inferior way of thinking and compromised purpose for my life. He wants me outside of what I was designed for. But when I anchor my heart in the goodness of God, I become cemented in the reality of His personhood and live from that place of supernatural peace. For me, that is sanity in a sometimes-insane world.

Many people can recite the correct biblical answer for a problem, but the truth they speak of has little effect on their emotions or thought life. These truths, which are the greatest of all realities, must become a part of us. That means that while having biblical answers is a good start, it is not the finish line. The mind of Christ is never manipulated or controlled by fear. It is never bound by unbelief or stifled by human limitation. It consistently ushers in heaven’s solutions for earthly dilemmas. {eoa}

This article was excerpted from Bill Johnson’s book, Hope in Any Crisis: Stop Fear and Release God’s Goodness in Uncertain Times (Charisma House 2020). Used by permission from Charisma House.

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