What People Most Get Wrong About Prophecy and the Biblical End Times

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Amir Tsarfati is an author, Israeli military veteran and the former deputy governor of Jericho, who is on a captivating mission to “explain Israel and its role in God’s plan.”

Tsarfati, whose new novel is titled “Operation Joktan,” runs an organization called Behold Israel that provides news and information about Israel and its role in biblical history and prophecy.

What People Get Wrong About Prophecy

In a recent interview with Faithwire, Tsarfati explained what people tend to get most wrong about prophecy. He noted that inconsistencies and the wrong focus can often compel people to entirely steer clear of prophetic issues.

“The biggest mistake is … people don’t divide the word rightly. They take things out of context,” he said. “They are emphasizing the wrong things. They ignore the important things and so they’re being disappointed over and over again and again and this is exactly why they look like lunatics in the eyes of the world and in the eyes of other Christians.”

At the core of the issue, he said, is the penchant some have for jumping to conclusions and extending beyond what Scripture proclaims. Rather than looking at things like the “blood moons” and other such predictions, he encouraged people to look at what the prophets say in Scripture.

“We are actually the most blessed generation since the time of Jesus Christ,” he said. “More prophecies are being fulfilled in our lifetime than any other generation since that first-century generation, and you know we don’t really have to work hard to find prophecies being fulfilled.”

Tsarfati encouraged people not to become “too sensationalist” and not to simply make proclamations to “sell books.” Instead, he encouraged people to cling closely to the Bible.

Old Testament Roots

Tsarfati’s passion for studying and speaking on Israel and prophecy grows out of his own story. A native Israeli, he found Jesus by exploring the Old Testament.

These Scriptures were the start of his deeper exploration of biblical prophecy and, more broadly, Christianity.

“I found Jesus through the Old Testament Prophets … predominately the Prophet Isaiah,” he told Faithwire. “I realized that the prophets of Israel were not only talking about past events but also about future events. It was clear to me that they are more reliable, authentic, and accurate than even the newspaper of today.”

Tsarfati said he was almost 18 when he discovered Christ. Having grown up in a foster home without parents since a young age, he found himself facing a crisis during his teenage years.

“I wanted to end my life, basically to put an end to my life,” he said. “I had no hope, and through all of that, God really revealed himself to me.”

When Tsarfati’s friends started talking to him about faith and he began exploring the Old Testament, he soon started gaining clarity into the New Testament—and the rest is history.

Tsarfati said he believes Isaiah 53 is “the deal-breaker or the deal maker” when it comes to the most compelling biblical prophecy. This chapter discusses the coming Messiah and is widely known to be a prophecy surrounding Jesus.

“Isaiah wrote it hundreds of years before Jesus came … to me this was an amazing thing,” he said. “And then of course Prophet Ezekiel in Chapter 36-37 spoke of the rebirth of Israel.”

Tsarfati said he’s elated to watch “prophecies being fulfilled” in our modern era. It’s a topic he frequently discusses. {eoa}

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