Shawn Bolz: North Korea Is Part of God’s End-Time Plan

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U.S. President Donald Trump walks with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the Capella Hotel on Sentosa island in Singapore.

The meetings between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are historic and have taken dozens of years and millions of prayers to get this far. I have met with two South Korean presidents and dozens of political leaders both in America and in South Korea and given spiritual perspective to them. I even prophesied to one of them about Kim’s father and confirmed he was battling a disease he was dying of when only intelligence agencies knew of it. This put me on their map, and we had hours of dialogues about what God wanted to do with Korea. Not just North Korea, but South Korea. I, as well as several of my teams and associated ministries, have been to North Korea to do assessments. I have seen Korea firsthand and believe I have seen something in the Spirit as well that just might help your perspective and prayers.

When God created this amazing race of people, it wasn’t divided as it is now. In just one generation, we have seen South Korea become a superpower and world contributor to computer science, agricultural science, medical science and so many more fields. In the spiritual realm, South Korea has sent more missionaries than any other country except America, and they will risk it all to go to the most unusual places.

I remember asking one of the professors of science and engineering at Seoul University what would have happened if South Korea had never been developed and was still a developing nation. He looked at my smartphone in my hand and said, “I predict that smartphones would be behind by five generations, water agriculture for food would be behind a decade, automobile emissions would be behind worldwide by at least a decade. … South Korea has offered so much in its short time of being developed that we have either contributed or revolutionized several major industries that affect the world every day.”

I began to get a picture right then that the divided people in the North, the other half of Korea, were stuck in an oppression, and it’s not just that their lives are at stake. Their lives are very important! But God’s dream for who Korea is supposed to be and what these people will bring to the worldwide scenario is at stake. When a country gets this oppressed, what is the enemy trying to hold back? What is the redemptive future of North Korea? I can see that it is huge, because it is one of the most resisted in the world. But I also started this journey from a vision I had over a decade ago.

An angel of Korea appeared to me and said, “Behold, I am strong, and I shall do a mighty work, even in preparing Israel for the return of Jesus.”

Korea was never on the map of my heart or mind. Then one day, very randomly, an angel appeared in my room in a physical form. He said “Behold, I am from Korea.”

I asked him “From North or South?” and he almost yelled at me “I am from Korea.” And I realized there is no North or South Korea in God’s heart. He never designed it to be separated. I didn’t dare speak again.

“I am strong, and God shall do a mighty work through the intercession nations of the world to reestablish unity between North and South Korea,” the angels said. I knew he was saying he was strong because the purpose was ready to be fought for and won.

“God is sending you to Korea,” the angel said to me. I had never considered it or had it on my radar. “You will help give the people faith to elect a president who will prepare the way for South Korea to be open to the Western world, even America again. There are communist sympathizers who have brought in an agenda to separate South Korea from relationship with Christian nations, but God is preparing a president who will keep the doors open to relationships with America and the world. There will be a day in your lifetime when our president will help open the North, and the North and South will have a unification.”

Now, I will say all of this is documented from 2004 and 2005, and then my trips to Korea began. I met with the soon-to-be president, President Lee, in 2007. No one I met thought he would win, but I knew he was going to be president, and I shared all of this and explained that God was raising him up to help all of Korea.

I prophesied all of this, and he believed me, and he was the first president in many years to visit America and reestablish relationship with the West even in trading, agriculture and some strategic relationship agreements. His office contacted me to help him visit America. He visited Bush in the White House, and it was a big deal and a prophetic act. No one believed this kind of relationship would rekindle then, but God prophesied it through me and through a prophet named Cindy Jacobs, who was giving almost the same words at the same time, although we weren’t in communication. We were not coordinating, we were just hitting the same thing from different angles.

The final thing that the angel said was “In the unification will come a uniting of hearts and purpose from the Korean people who have been given a boldness to stand with Israel, give their lives as missionaries and have been given the gift of technology, engineering and science. They are going to be used in great significance in the future before the return of Jesus. The children in North Korea are a seedbed of greatness, and they are filled with technologies that don’t exist yet in the computer science world.”

Think about that: There are benefits that the whole world will experience through the development of His plan over this country. South Korea will benefit in a major way as well; there is a fear that if there is a unification, it will destroy the economy of South Korea. I prophesy now that the economy will become one of the largest in the world when the unification happens, because the technologies and resources that God wants to entrust to Koreans are some of the most valuable in the world markets because He knows what they will do with them.

I am sure that as we pray for what God is doing between Trump and Kim that it is the beginning of a great dismantling of warfare and that God is moving the nations toward unification. This unification will affect the entire world, just as South Korea’s development has happened when the unification happened. This will not only add to South Korea’s impact on the spiritual and natural side of our world, but it will multiply it.

Let’s pray that this small step forward would itself be multiplied, because the angels over Korea are strong, and they are winning the battle. Let’s also pray for those suffering right now until God’s breakthrough happens are comforted and helped in this incredible time that could be just the start of their deliverance.

Shawn Bolz is head of and the Charisma Podcast host of “Exploring the Prophetic.”

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