Prophetic Word: Hope Amid the Pandora’s Box of Secularism

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Pandora’s box is a story from Greek mythology to explain the evils, sufferings and curses upon humanity. In the original language, Pandora’s box is actually a jar that is opened by a curious woman married to a Titan—half god and half man—named Prometheus. When she opens the jar all the terrors, all the unexpected troubles and sufferings that come upon humanity are released.

Once Pandora realizes what she has done, she tries to close the jar, but it is too late. All these woes now torment humanity. The only spirit left in the jar is hope, which is sealed in the jar. Thus the Greeks tried to explain the state of the world in its hopeless misery of suffering and death.

It does seem to parallel the sin of Adam in the garden. His sin brought God’s curse of sin and death on humanity. It released the heartaches of life that we suffer today.

We use the term “Pandora’s box” to symbolize the woes we can release in life by our foolish actions. For me, this illustrates what we have done in our world in the last 100 or more years.

As we have slowly removed the teachings of Jesus and the Bible, we have opened the box of secular humanism that has released such demons and horrors upon us that they threaten to destroy us. The challenge is we have so much good in this life that the evils can be rationalized away or minimized so that we either fail to confront them or are losing the battle for life against these tragedies that bring death.

Secular humanism removes God and replaces us as the source of knowledge, truth and what is good and right. In the veil of trying to help and ease the pain of people, we create situations that bring destruction and heartache that we cannot stop or control. Thus in the end, hope is sealed up. We are left with no answers to our problems, but we keep saying our ways are the right ways to live. That is hopelessness.

The sexual revolution of the ’60s is one example of how we opened Pandora’s box. Now, people in the name of good are indoctrinating our children into every form of perversion such that this next generation will have lost its sexual identity. Abortion is part of that sexual revolution, for without it we would be saddled with unwanted babies from our lustful expressions.

The result is not only sexual confusion but rampant sexual disease, 1.5 billion babies killed in their mothers’ wombs, the breakdown of the family, redefining sexual behavior and making normal what were once considered abominations in God’s eyes.

I just watched a video of a teacher who is married to a leader in our government; both are men. He was indoctrinating his entire class of young people to recite a new pledge of allegiance to the gay pride flag with great joy and exuberance.

Sadness and anger filled me as I watched the faces of these young people as they followed their mistaken leader. Once Pandora’s box is opened, there is no containing the potential evil and destruction that will result upon these lives from these foolish actions..

Yes, this is a minority of events when compared to all the good happening in our classrooms, but we accept as normal now the crossing of sexual boundaries that are forbidden by God. I cannot help but think of Revelation 9, where God allows the release of limited evil, supernatural beings that wreak havoc over the earth. This is the beginning of three global woes that will plague humanity.

Yet it explains to me the worldwide phenomena of evil that secular humanism has released in continued world wars, pandemics, economic chaos, social strife and unrest. Humanity’s answers have birthed these ills into the world with communism, terrorism, fascism, science and evolution that go beyond the laws of God and nationalism, to name a few. All of these promise to free us from our sins and destructive ways to bring about a new world order. We want to reengineer humanity. It seems right in the eyes of men but will bring death and destruction.

My attention was riveted to our president the other night when he announced in response to the Russian-Ukraine War, he would lead us into a “new world order.” It would be an era of peace and the end of war led by the democracies of the world. Humanity’s visions of creating our own utopias have always led to more war, division and suffering.

All have failed, yet leaders keep promoting them. Each seeks to become the dominant way of life to be imposed on the world. Before World War II, fascism arose, which was defeated. Then the Cold War promoting communism set in. Next came Islamic terrorism. Now we have the Russia-China-Iran alignment that threatens the globe.

All of these are in the guise of secular humanism. Humanity will have dominion over the earth in the new world order achieved by our own genius and willpower. Our technology could be this final gateway.

Like those who built the tower of Babel, we will create our own gateway to God. Our foolish rebellion will bring the judgment of God as prophesied in Revelation. Babylon will fall and lead the way to the return of Christ.

The only ones safe from the judgment of God for our rebellion are the Jews and Gentiles sealed by the covenant mark of God through the blood of Jesus Christ. We read of this in Revelation 7 and 9. The covenant mark stands against the mark of the beast in Revelation 13, which is the sign of being in covenant with Satan and his world system.

We are in a war for the souls of humanity. This conflict is global and will increase in intensity. It is spiritual and physical in nature. It pits the good of God against the evil of Satan and human rebellion.

The wonderful news is Jesus has already won the war at the cross and affirmed this by His Resurrection from the dead. We have the victory, but the battles must be fought until He returns. Paul reminds us these spiritual conflicts are fought every day against the powers of darkness (Eph. 6:10-20). John tells us in Revelation it is global in nature.

Jesus is the only one who can deliver us from the foolishness and sins of humanity. He calls us to partner with Him to fulfill His vision of making disciples in all nations to prepare the way for His return. He alone will usher in the new world order of peace, justice and righteousness.

Let us join Jesus against the forces of darkness, beginning on our knees and in our prayers and then in our actions. Led by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, we can do battle to defeat Satan and his principalities and powers. We will then see the ultimate victory when Jesus returns in His glory. In Him we have everlasting hope and life. That will be the new world order as promised by Jesus in Revelation 21 and 22. {eoa}

Blake Lorenz was raised in the church but never knew Jesus Christ. His god was himself and sports. After he was released from the Chicago Cubs organization, his life fell to pieces. In this crisis, he cried out to Jesus and gave Him his life. Jesus came into his room, and he met Jesus Christ. He surrounded Blake with His love and told me to go into the world to call people to follow Him.

Blake has been married 40 years to Beverly Brackman and has three wonderful grown children and seven grandchildren. God has blessed him to serve as a pastor and evangelist for 38 years in Central Florida and around the world. He just released a new novel called Greater Love, which can be purchased on Amazon. All proceeds go to his mission and evangelism ministries across the world.

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