Prepare for Simultaneous Revolutions in 2024

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James Lasher

Pastor Todd Coconato recently shared a prophetic word for 2024 in an interview with Charisma News.

Within this prophetic insight, he shares what the Lord has put on his heart for the upcoming year and discusses his insights and offers guidance on how to navigate the turbulent times ahead while remaining steadfast in our faith.

Two Simultaneous Revolutions

Pastor Coconato believes that 2024 will bring about two simultaneous revolutions: increased turbulence and an increased hunger for righteousness among the body of Christ. On one hand, we will witness unrest and various challenges; on the other hand, we will see increased revival and awakening within the church.

“We’re going to continue to see increased turbulence, there’s going to be a much more bumpy ride this next year. And we should anticipate that but at the same time, the saints that are what I call ‘remnant people,’ people that hunger and thirst for righteousness, the body of Christ, the real ecclesia, the body, they have been strengthened and fortified in their faith over the last few years, because of some of the crazy things that we’ve been through,” Coconato shares.

Preparing for the Storm

To prepare for the coming storm, Pastor Coconato urges believers to consecrate themselves and restore the foundations of their faith. He emphasizes the importance of holiness, no compromise and no leaven in these trying times. This is not a time for greasy grace, but rather a time for the church to be serious about their walk with the Lord.

“I think that God has allowed this time for us to really go into the secret place and get deeper in His word, because otherwise you couldn’t make it. You know, we’ve got to have a strong walk with the Lord and be unshakable,” Coconato says.

Tornadoes in the Spirit

As we approach 2024, we can expect spiritual tornadoes in the form of increased persecution of those who speak truth and those who stand for righteousness. The spirit of the Antichrist is rising, and it’s targeting Bible-believing Christians. In this late hour, it’s crucial for believers to be fortified in the Word and trust in their faith in Jesus Christ more than ever.

“It’s the spirit of the Antichrist, which is really rising. In this late hour, and we’ve always known that the target is Bible believing Christians, it’s the church. And so in the past, this was a little bit more hidden, you know, we kind of thought maybe left versus right, or it’s a political issue. But this is definitely a spiritual matter,” Coconato reveals.

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A Movie, a Warning and a Prayer

Pastor Coconato points out a recent Netflix movie produced by the Obamas that highlights a large-scale cyber event in the United States. He believes that the enemy may be signaling their wicked agenda or plans through such media. As Christians, we must pray against these plans and intercede for protection and guidance.

“When I see these types of things, I think about Event 201 that happened pre-pandemic, I feel like they signal sometimes they’re wicked agenda or their plans. And so what we can do when we see these types of things is we can pray against the wicked agenda, we can pray against the plans,” Coconato says.

Hearing from the Lord

Pastor Coconato emphasizes the importance of hearing from the Lord, rather than relying solely on someone else’s prophetic word. We must have a regular prayer life, be in the Word of God, and worship the Lord to hear His voice and receive His guidance.

“We have to hear from the Lord, we have to be in prayer regularly, we got to have a regular prayer life. I’m talking every day, in the Word of God, you know, worshiping the Lord and hearing from Him. The Bible says, My sheep hear my voice. …But here’s the good news, is that we press in more than ever in prayer. We fast we do the things that the Scripture says, we actually walk this out in a way that the Bible tells us to do you know, with the tools that the Lord gives us. And as we do that, the favor and the blessing of the Lord is on us,” instructs Coconato.

As we face the challenges of 2024, we must remember that God’s favor and blessing are on those who are about the business of the Lord. We must focus on our calling and walk it out faithfully, not comparing ourselves to others or being swayed by vain imaginations.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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