Jonathan Cahn’s Latest Prophetic Message Reveals Biblical Template for Modern-Day Events

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Jonathan Cahn says his most recent video release is a “prophetic message of a different kind.” In it, the New York Times bestselling author and rabbi answers the questions we all have about the meaning of events such as the Jan. 6 storming of Capitol Hill and the forces that are transforming our nation even now.

“Is there a template, a mystery from 2,500 years ago that reveals what lies behind it all?” Cahn asks, encouraging viewers to watch all of the three-hour video because of the significance of its never-before-revealed content.

This mystery, Cahn says, is not political, but spiritual, although “it touches the political realm—and all realms,” he says. He points out that it in no way condones what happened at Capitol Hill. “As believers, we have to stand against all hatred and the violence that comes of it,” he says.

Cahn explains to viewers that this video continues the mystery that begins in his book The Paradigm. The book, he says, reveals how the Scriptures contain prophetic templates for today, “and God can use those templates to speak and give revelation.”

Watch the entire video here to learn about the amazing template the Lord revealed to Cahn that goes all the way back to the temple of Baal—and what that signifies for America’s future. {eoa}

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