At ‘The Renewal,’ Kent Christmas Prophesies, ‘This Is the Beginning of the Final Harvest’

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Shawn Akers

At “The Renewal” crusade in Plant City, Florida last Saturday, Kent Christmas, founding co-pastor of Regeneration Nashville, released a prophetic word unto our nation that this year, 2022, will be the beginning of the final harvest for God. Christmas says the pain that the wicked has inflicted on his people in past years come back on the evil who perpetrated it, and this movement of the Lord will shine forth His glory in all the earth.

Christmas prophesied the Lord said:

“God says I feel the pain of my people, the Lord said I never created you to suffer, but I created you to triumph. In the year 2021, I began to uncover the hearts of men, not only in this nation but around the world. I began to divide, says the Lord, who is on whose side. But this year, sayeth the Lord, is not a year of dividing but this is a year of conquering for the church for the most high.

“For what the world has said is a political battle, even many in the church says it’s a political fight. I say unto these that this is not a political fight, but it is a battle in the heavens for the souls of men. For this year, sayeth the Lord, is the beginning of the final harvest. This is not revival; it is a movement to bring in the souls of men from every country. For America is not the only country that I am reaching for. I will renew my covenant with her first, says the Lord, but it will be the beginning of the release of the glory of God.

“For did I not say to thee that I would give you the nations for your inheritance? This is no longer a move about politics, this is no longer a move about doctrine, but this is a move of the glory of the Lord that is to be released, sayeth God. And the heaviness and the despair that has been upon my people this day, sayeth the Lord, not next month, not the coming month, but I declare unto you sayeth the Lord, it has already started. There is a shout that is being put into the spirit of my people, sayeth the Lord.

“The strongholds that have ruled over this nation for decades and have said we will not bow down, I thy God will tell you that I’m going to bring every demon to their knees and every tongue is going to begin to confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. For I am not a man that I should lie, and I am not a man that would bow down. The earth does not belong to the devil, but the earth belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ. Did I not say heaven is my throne and the earth is my footstool?

“I loose an anointing, sayeth the Lord, that is going to break the yokes over this nation. For I am going to bring back on the wicked what they have tried to release on the righteous. This year, sayeth the Lord, there’s going to be another sickness and plague hit this nation, but it is going to be retribution on the wicked, And for a moment, it will look bad, sayeth God, but even as Hamon hung on the gallows he built, I am going to begin to cause death to come to the wicked, not only in this nation but in the earth for what they have done to my people.

“For I did not come to bring you death and despair, but I came bring you life, sayeth the Lord. The spirit of Jezebel that has reared its head in this nation and has said that we shall not bow down to the God, for the next three years I am going to loose this nation from her lockdown. I am going to reverse, says the Lord, what the enemy said is perfect. I will not allow this harvest to go forth in bondage and in prison. Although the enemy has said we have triumphed, I say unto thee the timeline is wrong. For as long as the church is in the earth, the spirit of the Antichrist will not triumph. I have raised you up for this hour, sayeth the Lord. I loose the anointing of the power of the Holy Ghost for what I am getting ready to do …

“I allowed this nation to come to this place because of the arrogance and the pride; the thought that they took take my blessings but withhold their worship. This move, says the Lord, will never a cause a man’s name to be remembered. But this move is a move of the glory of the Lord.” {eoa}

For the rest of this prophetic word, watch this video.

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