Prophetic Warning: Understanding Evangelist Perry Stone’s Urgent Message

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James Lasher

In a recent message, Evangelist Perry Stone delivered an urgent warning to America, drawing attention to the biblical significance of current events and imploring Christians to pay heed. Stone began by highlighting the importance of discernment and understanding the times we live in, referring to Amos 3:7, which emphasizes that the Lord reveals His secrets to His servants, the prophets.

Expressing concern about the current spiritual state of America, he emphasizes that the nation is at risk not due to political turmoil but because of the departure from biblical principles. He underscored that God is primarily concerned about souls and the spiritual well-being of the nation, which was founded on Christian values.

“I do not believe God is in heaven worried about American politics to the point that He’s got to send a weekly prophecy about the politics in America,” Stone explains. “God is concerned about souls and the harvest, but He’s also concerned that the people in this nation, which in the past has been a Christian nation, understand the danger they are in.”

The evangelist drew parallels with biblical instances where God warned His people of impending calamities. From Noah’s time to the Babylonian invasion, Stone emphasized that God consistently communicated through true prophets, providing warnings and, at times, specific timeframes for preparation. True prophets, according to Stone, are validated by the accuracy of their predictions.

Stone then transitioned into a series of dreams he has had over the years, specifically focusing on tsunami scenarios affecting various coastal areas of the United States. While clarifying that he does not actively seek such visions, Stone shared a recent dream from Nov. 9, in which he witnessed an earthquake and the subsequent threat of a tsunami.

“I do not go to bed thinking about tsunamis. I do not ask God to show me events concerning tsunamis. As a matter of fact, these dreams often come at a time when I least expect it,” Stone reveals.

The dream prompted Stone to explore the underlying reasons for such warnings. He delved into the biblical concept of shedding innocent blood, referencing Deuteronomy 21. Stone contended that the legalization of abortion in 1973 marked a turning point, leading to the shedding of innocent blood and, potentially, inviting divine judgment.

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Citing Proverbs 6:16-17, Stone highlighted that God hates hands that shed innocent blood. Drawing a parallel with Pharaoh’s decree to drown Hebrew male infants in the Nile, Stone suggested that God might use water-related catastrophes as a form of divine retribution.

The evangelist issued a stark warning about the consequences of reversing pro-life stances and returning to a culture that permits the shedding of innocent blood. Stone declared that America stands at a crucial crossroads, and the nation’s choices could either invite divine protection or pronounce its own judgment.

“It’s not conservative versus liberal why believers who believe this book [the Bible] tell you that shedding the innocent blood of an infant is wrong. You would understand that if you knew what God said about it,” Stone says.

“…If we reverse and start allowing [the] shedding [of] innocent blood again, we are in trouble. From coast to coast. That’s what the Lord spoke to me when I woke up from that tsunami vision.”

Stone urges believers to understand the gravity of this warning, emphasizing the biblical principles surrounding the sanctity of life. He encourages Christians to read and comprehend the Scriptures, stressing the importance of standing for what the Bible teaches.

As the world continues deeper into God’s prophetic timeline, Stone challenges believers to take a stand, pray fervently and advocate for biblical values in the face of potential national consequences. The urgency of the message lies in the acknowledgment that, as a nation, America may be on the precipice of divine judgment, and the call to action is clear: turn back to God and His principles to avert impending disaster.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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