Prophetic or Pathetic? ‘Prophets’ Tell Fortunes, for a Fee

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James Lasher

As darkness continues to envelop the world, Christians have been warring spiritually against the demonic influence taking root in people’s hearts.

With this battle comes false prophets, whom the Bible warns about in both the Old and New Testaments. Now, many are being deceived by these “pay for prophecy” prophets and allowing spiritual strongholds into their lives.

It is not through the Holy Spirit that many of these false teachers gain their insights, but through divination and demonic revelation.

Taking cues from television psychics of the late 90s such as Miss Cleo, there are now figures like ‘Prophet’ Passion Java who are charging callers amounts as high as $555 for a one on one session with the diviner.

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Pastor Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church has previously spoken out and warned Christians about the spiritual dangers and demons behind organizations such as Java’s.

As Charisma News previously reported, Locke believes these men are not under the power of the Holy Spirit, and has publicly accused Java of being a witch doctor under the power of the Kundalini spirit.

“I am for unity,” Locke declared during a Sunday service. “I am against mixture [with demonic spirits], and mixture is not unity. There’s a difference in biblical unity and anti-biblical mixture.

“Look, I want to be a bridge to bring unity to the body of Christ, but I will not be a syringe that injects poison by way of mixture into this church!” he adds.

It was this refusal to mix with the demonic that led to a split between Locke and Daniel Adams, who refused Locke’s warnings about Lovy Elias and E.J. Newton.

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Locke had previously been in a ministerial relationship with Elias as well, and could not be a part of what Elias had hitched himself to.

“I am friends with Lovy Elias, I am,” Locke said through tears. “We had to fly to Los Angeles to see it for ourselves. … I’ve talked to him for hours. Remember what Joseph Z said, ‘When a prophet begins to get off-kilter, he can get to about the sixty-fold, and he still has some salvageability to him. You can still reel him back in.’ I feel like Lovy is there. But I have to unhitch my church and my influence from him.”

As we move deeper and deeper into the end times, just as the Bible warns there will be false teachers and false prophets rising from the shadows.

It takes strong spiritual discernment rooted in the Word of God, the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and the equipping of the full armor of God to see through these demonic deceptions and speak the truth of Jesus Christ into the ever-growing darkness.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media

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