Powerful Prophetic Principles of the Anointing with Dr. Michelle Corral

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James Lasher

In a recent episode of the “Day of Destiny” podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network, Dr. Michelle Corral shared profound teachings on the powerful prophetic principles of the anointing which will elevate the lives of believers.

Delving into Psalm 89, the podcast illuminates the transformative effects of the anointing, drawing parallels from biblical passages and emphasizing its significance in believers’ lives.

Desire for the Anointing

Dr. Corral began by quoting Psalm 89:20 from the Bible: “I have found My servant David. With My holy oil, I have anointed him.” This set the stage for a deep exploration of the desire for the anointing on one’s life.

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Here are seven ways God’s anointing affected David’s life:

  1. Chosen as King: David was anointed by the prophet Samuel as the future king of Israel while he was still a shepherd boy. This divine selection marked him as the chosen successor to Saul, the reigning king at that time (1 Sam. 16:1-13).
  2. Empowered for Leadership: The Spirit of the Lord came upon David from the day of his anointing, empowering him for the responsibilities that awaited him. This divine empowerment equipped him with courage, wisdom, and leadership qualities necessary to fulfill his role as king (1 Sam. 16:13).
  3. Victory over Goliath: David’s anointing became evident when he fearlessly faced and defeated the giant Goliath with a single stone and a sling. His faith in God’s power and his anointed status demonstrated that he relied on divine strength rather than human capabilities (1 Sam. 17).
  4. Military Successes: As king, David experienced numerous military victories, expanding the borders of Israel. His anointing contributed to his success on the battlefield, and he was often described as a valiant and skillful warrior (2 Sam. 8:1-14).
  5. Poetic and Musical Gift: David was not only a warrior and king but also a skilled musician and poet. His anointing is seen in his ability to compose and play psalms that expressed deep spiritual and emotional insights. Many of these psalms are included in the Book of Psalms.
  6. Establishment of the Davidic Covenant: God made a covenant with David, promising an everlasting dynasty. This covenant ensured that David’s line would continue, ultimately leading to the birth of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, who became known as the “Son of David” (2 Sam. 7:12-16).
  7. Challenges and Repentance: David’s life was not without struggles, including his infamous affair with Bathsheba and the subsequent murder of her husband, Uriah. However, his repentant heart and acknowledgment of his sins demonstrated the enduring presence of God’s grace and mercy in his life.

Empowering Effects

The empowering effects of the anointing were unfolded through verses 21 and 22: “With whom my hands shall be established and my arms shall also strengthen him. The anointing will not exact upon him.” Dr. Corral explains the significance, stating, “When you are under the anointing, this word ‘exact’ means rob. The enemy cannot exact from you. He cannot rob you. He cannot take your prayer life when you’re under the anointing.”

Protective Nature of the Anointing

Moving into the protective nature of the anointing, 2 Samuel 1:21 was referenced: “The anointing is a shield.” Dr. Corral highlights the need for spiritual protection, especially during challenging times, stating, “If you need protection over your life, your family, your children, your vision, your dream or your business, stay under the anointing.”

Preservation Properties

The podcast continued to explore the preservation properties of the anointing, drawing from Exodus 30:23-25. Dr. Corral emphasized that there must be a willingness to pay a price, not just monetarily but a commitment to the Lord.

“A price that says, ‘Lord Jesus, I’m willing to pay any price that your power is in my life that your power is with my children,'” explains Dr. Corral. “That Your power is with me.”

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Five Properties of Power in the Anointing

The podcast’s central theme revolved around the five properties of power in the anointing:

  • Power Properties
  • Preservation Properties
  • Priestly Properties
  • Prophetic Properties
  • Princely Properties

“The anointing will preserve you, preservation properties. The anointing will bring you into sacrificial service, priestly properties. The anointing will make you prophetic. You will hear God’s voice, prophetic properties. The anointing will give you power to walk with the Lord, and give you power to resist sin, give you power to stand, power properties. And princely properties, is power to overcome the wicked one,” teaches Dr. Corral

Esther’s Exemplary Anointing

The session culminates in a profound reflection on Esther’s example. Dr. Corral drew a parallel between Esther donning royal apparel and believers embracing the anointing, symbolizing spiritual royalty. The significance of immersing oneself in the anointing for divine favor is key, emphasizing Esther’s 12 months of preparation preceding her encounter with the king.

“Esther was immersed in the anointing before she went before the king. God wants to immerse you before you step out in his divine design of destiny with the anointing,” Dr. Corral declares.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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