Morning Rundown: Tim Sheets Prophetic Dream: ‘Bears’ Are Going to Gasp Their Final Breath

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Tim Sheets Prophetic Dream: ‘Bears’ Are Going to Gasp Their Final Breath

Apostle Tim Sheets says that while God is shaking a number of things and people in this tumultuous world of ours, there is one comforting thought believers should take to heart: We ourselves do not need to be shaken because we are part of a kingdom that’s not going to be shaken.

Sheets says he recently had a prophetic dream about the month of October “that we’re now going to see God destroy the works of iniquity of the enemy.”

“I was in a wilderness, a huge forest,” Sheets says. “I heard a bear that was dying. I’ve hunted bear and I know what that sounds like. But I heard a bear’s death rattle. When a bear is dying, they will roar. It’s a fierce kind of roar; it’s their last gasp. I heard this, and I followed the sound and I go over and find a dead bear. I dreamed that for three weeks in a row three different times.

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Apostasy in the Church? What to Look Out For

Is America experiencing apostasy in the church? And if so, how can we be sure of the signs of what we’re seeing?

One of the key tenets of the Christian life is following Jesus whole-heartedly as the way and the truth and the life. However, many today who consider themselves Christians believe this stance is a harmful one and that because God loves, there are no repercussions of sin. However, this is contradictory to the Word of God which states: “Those who I love, I rebuke and discipline,” (Rev. 3:19).

One example of this type of apostasy in the church that has gone viral is the example of Cathedral of Hope. In this “church,” the rainbow colors were paraded as drag queen nuns read their own creed.

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Country Legend Toby Keith Leans on Faith and Prayer Amid Cancer Battle

Toby Keith, the 62-year-old country icon, has not only made his mark in the music industry but has also become known for his unwavering faith.

His journey through a recent stomach cancer diagnosis in June 2022 sheds light on how he turned to his faith, prayer and the comfort of God’s promises during challenging times.

Keith, the inaugural recipient of the Country Icon Award at the People’s Choice Country Awards, opened up about his battle with cancer and the role of faith in his life.

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