Morning Rundown: Jeremiah Johnson Releases Prophetic Dream for IHOPKC

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Jeremiah Johnson Releases Prophetic Dream for IHOPKC

After holding back since Nov. 9, 2023, Jeremiah Johnson has finally broken his silence about his prophetic dream on the events surrounding Mike Bickle and the International House of Prayer, Kansas City.

On a Facebook and Instagram post, Johnson labeled the dream “IHOPKC, Exposure, and the Awakening.”

The dream, full of imagery, describes the setting of the dream to be similar to the Vatican.

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Charisma’s Strang Calling for Patience and Grace in IHOPKC Investigation

In the latest episode of “The Strang Report,” Charisma Founding Editor Stephen Strang delves into the ongoing investigation at the International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City, particularly focusing on its founder, Mike Bickle, and the accusations being made against him.

Strang shares his heart on the need for restoration for all parties involved, and is deeply concerned for the impact this controversy will have on the body of Christ. There is history between Charisma and Bickle dating back to 1990 through early coverage of 24/7 prayer at IHOP.

“I want you to know that I believe in him [Bickle]. He is my friend. I do not hide it,” shares Strang. “I don’t think it’s ever wrong to stand for your friends. And no matter how this comes out, Mike Bickle is my friend. That doesn’t mean I excuse anything Mike Bickle does or has done.”

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Hollywood Actor Shares Testimony of Boldly Living Out Faith

Hollywood actor Jesse Hutch, known for starring in romantic comedies, recently opened up about the powerful role faith plays in his life.

Hutch, a Christian who starred in Great American Family’s “A Christmas Blessing,” stressed the importance of living out one’s beliefs in every facet of life.

“If you say you believe something, then live that out,” he said. “Live it out in your marriage, live it out at your workplace, live it out in your community, live it out in your finances, your parenting, how you handle strangers. … just live that out.”

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