Morning Rundown: Brace Yourself for the Devil Comet During the Purim Blood Moon Eclipse

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Brace Yourself for the Devil Comet During the Purim Blood Moon Eclipse

During the next couple of months, so many amazing things are going to be happening in the heavens. For example, during the Great American Eclipse of 2024 on April 8, the sun, the moon and the seven other planets in our solar system will all line up in the sky.

It is almost as if the entire solar system will be screaming that this is a once in a lifetime event. But before we get to April 8, there will be some other absolutely incredible things happening in the skies above our heads. On March 25, we will witness a penumbral lunar eclipse.

Since so much attention has been focused on the Great American Eclipse of 2024 on April 8, this other eclipse has kind of snuck up on us.

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Christians Prepare for Great American Eclipse of 2024

Excitement is building across America in anticipation of the Great American Eclipse of April 8, 2024. Hotel rooms along the path of the eclipse from Texas to Maine are already reserved. Museums and planetariums are planning events. There are also outdoor events such as rock concerts scheduled. And over 100 million Americans living in or near the path of totality will experience this once-in-a-lifetime event. It will be another 20 years before an eclipse crosses America.

On April 8,, the moon will gradually begin to cover the sun, creating a smaller and smaller crescent sun. Be sure to watch this phase of the eclipse through special eclipse glasses or welders’ glass to avoid eye damage. Then, on a 100-mile-wide path, the moon will totally cover the sun. The sky will turn dark, the stars will shine and the outer atmosphere of the sun, the corona, will be visible. It will be an awe-inspiring sight.

One Christian group, the American Wake Up Call, says the awe-inspiring eclipse is designed by God to get our attention. Founder Ron Allen says, “God uses signs in the heavens like the rainbow to remind us of His promise not to flood the earth and the star of Bethlehem to announce the birth of Jesus. The prophet Joel and the apostle Peter point to eclipses as prophetic signs marking the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and salvation. We should use this eclipse as a focal point for prayer and outreach to our communities.”

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