Has George Washington’s Prophetic Warning Come to Pass?

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Did America’s first president give us a prophetic warning?

In his New York Times best seller, “The Return of the Gods,” Jonathan Cahn described how the false pagan gods of old have started to make their presence known in America as people turn away from the One, true living God. This was completely evidenced when a statue was erected years ago in the image of a bull, symbolizing Baal.

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Yet, this didn’t just come without a warning—it came, as Cahn describes, after a warning from America’s very first president. In ‘The Return of the Gods,’ Cahn writes:

After being sworn in, Washington delivered a prophetic warning. He said, in effect, if America ever turned away from God and His eternal laws, its blessings would be removed. It was an echo of Winthrop’s earlier warning against ever turning to other gods, “our pleasure and profits.” And now, standing across from the statue that commemorated the day and place in which Washington gave that prophetic warning against turning away from God, was the sign that the nation had done exactly that—it had turned away from God.

So, Washington cautioned us of what could happen, and now his warning is coming to fruition. What is now important is how the godly respond to the reality of this message. In one of his latest messages, Jonathan Cahn also explained how obedience is the only way to bring surefire stability and assurance in life.

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“God’s will is not primarily to force you to do something, it’s for you to know the heart of God and join your heart to the will of God,” Cahn says. “The key is first do the will of God.”

Instead of fighting the will of God, instead of stumbling away from His plans and purposes, America is in a point in time right now that if God’s people follow His plan, it will make a drastic difference in the route that we go down—either towards the promise of a better tomorrow, or toward the warning that George Washington himself bestowed upon America so many years ago.

“If you’re following God, He’s appointing your steps…He will never appoint a sinful step to your life,” Cahn says.

As believers, we must heed both Washington’s and Cahn’s words to stay within the will of God, to stick with His eternal laws, or else we will find our nation and our individual morality on the brink of collapse.

To read more from Jonathan Cahn’s “The Return of the Gods,” visit BooksbyJonathanCahn.com.

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