God’s Miracle Protection Amid Missile Bombardment

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James Lasher

In a recent interview with Charisma News, Byron Stinson shared his firsthand experience of God’s protection over Israel during a missile attack from Iran.

Stinson, currently in Israel, recounted the event, saying, “When Iran sent missiles into attack Israel just a few days ago… I slept nine hours, and when I got up, it was the most peaceful morning that I’ve experienced here in a long time.”

Despite the ongoing threats and attacks, Stinson emphasized his unwavering faith in God’s protective hand over Israel. “I’ve been here in Israel for many years, and there’s been many attacks of rockets… but what I look for is how many actually hit something. In 2014, out of 5,000 rockets, only one hit something,” he shared.

Stinson is also deeply involved in bringing red heifers to Israel, which have garnered global attention. He sees these red heifers as a physical manifestation of biblical prophecies. “The red heifers, this perfect red heifer, caught the world’s attention… God intends to bring about a physical kingdom of God on Earth,” Stinson says.

While many hoped the red heifer ceremony would occur soon, it has faced delays. Yet Stinson remains optimistic about its occurrence in the future. He stressed the importance of global unity and understanding between Jewish and Christian communities, saying, “We’re called by the Word to be one tree… These physical things are there to help us start really delving back into the Torah and understanding Hashem, the God of Abraham.”

Stinson and a team from Oral Roberts University are working on live-streaming the red heifer ceremony to the world. He believes this event will be a pivotal moment aligning with biblical prophecies. “I just had… a gentleman from Oral Roberts University… they intend to help us livestream the event when it happens to the entire world,” Stinson shared.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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