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Jonathan Cahn

Is it possible that there exists a master blueprint that lies behind the events of the modern world? Is it possible that this blueprint originated in ancient times and yet tells of events in the 21st century?

Could this blueprint foretell the rise and fall of modern leaders and governments? Could events that took place nearly 3,000 years ago now be determining the course of our world and, with it, the course of our lives?

Could this mystery reveal not only the events of the modern world, but the timing of those events—revealing not only the year when an event is to take place but, in some cases, the exact date—including the exact date on which the greatest terrorist attack of modern times was to take place?

Could a template of the ancient Middle East even foretell the outcome of a presidential election? Could it give the exact parameters of time that modern world leaders are allotted to remain on the national and world stage?

Has this paradigm affected all of our lives? Have we all been part of its replaying? And if we were able to open up this master blueprint, what would it reveal to us or warn us of concerning our future? The answer is stunning. There does exist a master blueprint. This is what The Paradigm opens up.

The Ancient Blueprint

The mystery of The Paradigm is connected to that of The Harbinger. In some ways, it is The Harbinger’s other dimension. The Paradigm is without question the most explosive book I have ever written—so explosive that I hesitated to put it down on paper. But because of its critical nature, I could not hold back. For contained in the mystery is not only a revelation but a critical warning.

The Paradigm is the uncovering of an ancient blueprint, a mystery that came into existence ages before the people it concerns were born and millennia before the events it reveals transpired. It involves a journey of nearly 3,000 years, from the sands of an arid Middle Eastern landscape to soil and streets of present-day America, from ancient palaces to the White House—with ruthless kings and queens, mysterious priests and priestesses, secrets and scandals, prophets and holy men, signs, portents, wonders and harbingers. Once the veil of the ancient mystery is removed, it will be hard to see the world the same way again.

The Metamorphosis

In the last half-century, we have witnessed a metamorphosis, the apostasy of American and Western civilization away from and against the ways of God. But behind all this lies an ancient paradigm, which reveals and foreshadows all these things. The paradigm comes from the fall of ancient Israel—but it not only reveals the overall phenomenon of modern times, but the specific details, specific events, actions and people of our day.

The Acceleration

We have witnessed an acceleration and deepening of the American apostasy in the last quarter-century, beginning in the early 1990s and continuing to the present day. It has involved a culture war, the overturning of biblical values and the prevailing of an anti-Christian worldview.

This is all in the paradigm. And behind the leaders of our day lie ancient leaders who hold the key to each of them. Because of the limited space we have here—and the explosive nature of the revelations—I cannot here reveal the names of the ancient leaders. But I will refer to them by using representative titles.

The King

Out of the mystery of an ancient ruler whom we will call the king comes the paradigm of a modern world leader. It reveals this:

At the beginning of the ancient period of deepening national apostasy, a leader would rise to power, stand at the forefront of a culture war and champion anti-biblical practices that had never before been championed from the throne.

So in the early 1990s, at the same time that the words “culture war” entered modern discourse, a leader rose to power: Bill Clinton. He would be at the forefront of America’s culture war. He would become the first president in American history to champion such anti-biblical practices as abortion and homosexuality. According to the paradigm, he will be known for moral weakness and scandal. So too, Bill Clinton would become known for all of these things.

The Days of the King

The key event and date in Bill Clinton’s rise to the presidency, that which would mark his entrance to the national stage, came with his election as governor of Arkansas. He was sworn in in January 1979. From his platform as governor, he began his ascent and then campaign for the presidency. He was elected president in 1991. He would remain president until January 2001. From January 1979 to January 2001 is a period of 22 years.

What about his ancient prototype? How many years did the ancient king spend on the national stage? The Bible reveals it. It was a period of 22 years. Clinton’s years on the national stage conformed exactly to the years of his ancient prototype, the king in the paradigm.

The Scandal

In the case of the ancient king, his reign would be marked by scandal, one scandal in particular. When in his reign would that scandal take place? According to the biblical record, it would take place 19 years after he came onto the national stage.

What happens if we take Clinton’s years on the national stage, beginning with his becoming governor of Arkansas, and add the 19 years of the paradigm—where does it bring us? It brings us to the year 1998. It was 1998 that was the year that the scandal of the Clinton presidency was exposed and broke to the world—the Lewinsky scandal.

If we go deeper, Clinton assumed the office of governor in January 1979—thus adding 19 years brings us to January 1998. It was January 1998 that was the exact month that the scandal broke forth.

In fact, another facet of the ancient biblical paradigm pinpoints one day in particular for the scandal to have been exposed. The day is Jan. 20, 1998. That date marks the exact moment that the scandal of Clinton’s presidency broke to the world.

The Queen

The king becomes the first leader in his nation’s history to rule the land in a form of co-regency with his wife. She becomes the first queen or first lady of the land to form a political team with her husband. She will continually influence and incite him to action. She will be seen as an opponent of traditional and biblical values. In terms of temperament, she will be viewed as the harder of the two. She will be unique in her ambition to gain her own political power and will be distrusted by a large portion of her nation.

So Bill Clinton was the first leader in American history to rule the land in a form of co-presidency with his wife. Hillary Clinton has long been seen as an opponent of traditional and biblical values. In terms of temperament, she was always viewed as the harder of the two. She would be unique in being the first presidential wife ambitious to acquire her own political power and would be distrusted by much of her nation.

The Goddess

In a chapter entitled “The Goddess,” the ancient queen brings to the palace practitioners of pagan morality, priests of foreign gods, conjurers, consulters with the dead. Though it would seem hard to believe that something like this could take place in modern America, The Paradigm reveals that this actually took place.

The president and the first lady in particular brought into the highest of places, even into the White House, practitioners of pagan morality and priests of foreign gods. And their presence in the White House even involved a form of conjuring. It even involved a link to the actual deity contained in the paradigm and invoked by the ancient queen.

The Nemesis

In the days of the ancient king, a nemesis arises, a national archenemy. He would pose a growing danger to the king’s nation. He would issue threats of destruction. He would originate from the East. He would originate of a Semitic people and speak a Semitic language. He would ultimately strike the king’s land and cause destruction.

So in the days of Clinton’s presidency, a nemesis would arise, a national archenemy. His name would be “bin Laden.” He would pose a growing danger to America. He would issue threats against the nation. He would come from the east, from a Semitic people and speak a Semitic language—Arabic. And he would ultimately strike the king’s land and cause destruction.

According to the ancient paradigm, he would be known by a two-part or hyphenated name. According to his ancient prototype, his name would begin with the letters “b” and “n”—with the Middle-Eastern word b-n—or bin—as in bin Laden.

The Day

In a chapter of The Paradigm entitled “The Day,” a stunning revelation is given concerning one of the most important days of our times. In the ancient template, the king performs a specific and notable act. From the time the act is performed, there begins a countdown. The countdown will end with a day of bloodshed and national calamity.

According to the ancient paradigm, President Clinton performed the exact same act as his ancient prototype. When one takes the day that the act was performed and applies the biblical countdown of days given in the paradigm—the countdown ends on a particular day. Did anything of significance happen on that day?

What is the day the paradigm brings us to? September 11, 2001—America’s day of national calamity and bloodshed. It was all there in the ancient template. In fact, if one had known the paradigm then, one could have marked the date on one’s calendar years in advance as the date appointed for calamity.

A Glimpse of the Revelations

This is just the beginning of some of the mysteries the master blueprint reveals. It is impossible in the space given here to reveal the other mysteries of the book. To give a glimpse of some of what the paradigm foretells:

After the end of her husband’s reign, the queen and first lady goes on to pursue her own political power—on her own. She will dwell in the nation’s capital in the highest halls of power. (After the end of her husband’s presidency, Hillary Clinton will pursue her own political power in the capital city.)

A man will come to power (two reigns after that of the king) who will follow in the king’s footsteps and pick up where the king left off, pursuing a course of hostility to biblical faith and departure from the ways of God (Barack Obama).

This successor will dwell together in the highest house of the land with the former queen/first lady. (Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will dwell together in the White House.)

The nemesis will be assassinated as a result of his courier. The assassination will begin while he is lying in bed. He will be executed in his bedroom. It will take place 10 years after he brings calamity to the nation. (Osama bin Laden will be assassinated in his bedroom—10 years after masterminding the calamity of 9/11.)

The exact years given to the successor to remain on the national stage will be ordained in the ancient paradigm. (The years of Barack Obama will follow exactly the years of his ancient prototype in the paradigm.)

As the successor’s (Obama’s) years draw near to an end, a man will arise who is not a politician but a fighter (revealed in the chapter called “The Warrior”). His rise will be fast and unexpected. (At the end of the Obama years will come the rise of Donald Trump on the national stage.)

The man will begin a race to the nation’s throne that will best be described as “crazy.” He will come to the capital city to “drain the swamp.” He will come head-to-head with the former queen and first lady. (No need for commentary here.)

The first lady will be defeated. (Trump will defeat Clinton). He will replace the successor and will become the new leader of the land. (Trump will defeat Clinton and will become the president of the United States.)

In an ancient land, halfway across the world, an ancient structure linked to the mystery will fall. Its fall will mark the mystery and will correspond to events taking place on American soil.

At the beginning, I posed the question: “Is it possible that there exists a master blueprint that lies behind the events of the modern world?” As impossible as it sounds, the answer is yes. And the answer is amazing.

In view of this, what does The Paradigm reveal about what is yet to come, what the future holds? In one of the last chapters of the book, I address that. The Paradigm gives us warning. The template concerns a nation in apostasy and ultimately heading for judgment. But it also gives us wisdom, insight and hope.

The very last chapter is called “The Elijah Paradigm.” It reveals the strategy given in the ancient template for the people of God to stand in such a time as this. Thus the paradigm speaks of our own lives. We have a role to play in the days ahead. God’s purposes and people are never finished, according to the role of Elijah (who is also in the ancient paradigm).

And most of all, The Paradigm not only opens a veil into what is actually taking place before our eyes, and what is yet to come, but it manifests this truth: No matter what happens in the world, in our lives or in these days—we must believe, live and act in accordance with this one fact: God is still on the throne. And everything is in His hands.

We must be aware of the times. We must be strong and bold. We must remember Who is on the throne. And in light of that … we must live like it.

Jonathan Cahn is the author of the New York Times best-sellers The Harbinger, The Mystery of the Shemitah and The Book of Mysteries. He leads Hope of the World Ministries and the Jerusalem Center/Beth Israel in Wayne, New Jersey. To receive prophetic updates and more from his ministry, go to HopeoftheWorld.org and Facebook Jonathan Cahn.

“These are the days of Elijah—but the days of Elijah weren’t just miracles.” Jonathan Cahn opens up the Elijah paradigm at elijah.charismamag.com.

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