Morning Rundown: The Day of the Prophetic Red Heifer Is Almost Here

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The Day of the Prophetic Red Heifer Is Almost Here

Many people today are unaware of the significance of the red heifer in both Judaism and Christianity. This symbol of purification is deeply rooted in Scripture, including in the book of Numbers (Num. 19:2-10) where God instructs Moses and Aaron about the ritual purification involving a red heifer.

That is why the work of American farmer Byron Stinson, an evangelical Christian from Texas, and Rabbi Ytshak Mamo, an official from the Temple Institute in Jerusalem, Israel, is so important.

Speaking at the 2024 National Gathering for Prayer & Repentance in Washington D.C., the two shared the importance of the red heifer and the ceremony that must take place for ritual sacrifice and worship to resume in the eventual Third Temple.

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Jonathan Cahn Reveals Reality of Today’s Spiritual Warfare to World Leaders

On Wednesday, Jan. 31, world leaders gathered for the National Gathering for Prayer & Repentance.

Each one was introduced to the spiritual battle taking place in the world today, clarified in the New York Times best-selling book by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, “The Return of the Gods.”

Host Jim Garlow, along with President of the Family Research Council Tony Perkins, revealed to the audience that this was the piece of literature that exposed the plans of the enemy for American culture today.

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Pennsylvania Man Beheads Father in Demonic Rage

In a shocking and horrifying incident, 32-year-old Justin Mohn was arrested and charged with first-degree murder, abuse of a corpse and possession of an instrument of crime after his father, Michael F. Mohn, was found decapitated in their Levittown home.

The gruesome crime came to light when police were alerted by the victim’s wife, leading to a swift investigation that resulted in Mohn’s arrest at the Fort Indiantown Gap National Guard training facility in Lebanon County.

According to Middletown Township Police, the victim’s head was discovered in a plastic bag inside a cooking pot, with bloody gloves and weapons found nearby. Michael Mohn, a federal employee with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Philadelphia District, fell victim to his son’s violent act. The YouTube video posted by Justin Mohn further revealed his disturbing antigovernmental sentiments and conspiracy theories.

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