Anti-Israel Mob Protesting at Pediatric Cancer Hospital

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James Lasher

As the preparatory days before the End Times continue forward, biblical prophecy continues to unfold as the world grows increasingly cold to the Jewish people.

Yet few would have imagine that in America the same hatred that led to the Holocaust would take root and perpetuate actions that make one’s skin crawl in disgust.

But these are the days that we are living in.

On Monday, anti-Israel activists led a protest outside the renowned Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, one of the world’s top pediatric cancer hospitals.

“Another complicit institution: The Sloan Kettering Center,” yelled a woman appearing to lead the march with a bullhorn.

“Make sure they hear you; they’re in the windows. On this day, shame on you. You support genocide, too,” the protestors shouted at cancer patients in the hospital.

Visible in the video taken is a child who is believed to be receiving treatment at the hospital.

Established in 1884 as the New York Cancer Hospital, it was the first of its kind in the United States. The center also boasts one of the nation’s leading pediatric cancer care facilities and over 120 research labs dedicated to ending the disease. In March 2023, it became the first in the country to earn the American College of Surgeons’ Level I Specialty Children’s Center in Oncology designation.

And these protestors are the people who harbor demonic hatred for God’s chosen people, and for His tenets and design.

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Radical leftists have taken up arms across the world in major cities, accusing Israel of crimes she did not commit, while spreading false propaganda about the war being raged between Hamas and Israel.

As this rabid anti-Semitism spreads across the world, far too many Christians are either believers in replacement theory (that the church of Jesus replaced the Jewish people) or simply do not care enough to be bothered about that.

Are the pages of Scripture that warn about what will happen to those who attack Israel no longer relevant today?

Christians are witnessing the preparations for the End Times as prophesied in the Bible on a daily basis. The world is not just becoming as the days of Noah, but it is surpassing them in the level of evil being committed before the throne of God.

Sexual immorality, theft, deceit and deception, greed, hypocrisy, false teachers and prophets, how much more will it take to wake the church up to what is taking place before them and that the focus of God’s prophetic clock is the nation of Israel?

These types of protests which target children with cancer and their families show the depth to which Satan will go to attack the nation of Israel. And do not think that the massacre which took place on Oct. 7, 2023, was anything but a satanically inspired assault on the people of God, who have been targeted for eradication their entire existence.

But the hand of God is clearly upon Israel, for even though the nation was destroyed, twice, the Lord still restored His people of covenant. Just as the Bible prophesied He would do.

So take up the Word of God and evaluate the happenings in the world today through a biblical lens. What does the Bible says about the times we live in and the state of the church? Are the writings of Revelation becoming increasingly real as we witness the abandonment of God and His principles?

Hopefully people around the world will take the warnings of Jesus Himself to heart and repent of the wickedness being lived out on a daily basis and turn from lifestyles which grieve the Lord’s heart.

If not, their ending, should they refuse repentance, is also prophesied in the Bible.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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