Chuck Pierce: A War Is Coming Over the Great Harvest Field

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Shawn Akers

At the recent Proceed Conference at Tim Sheets’ Oasis Church in Ohio, Prophet Chuck Pierce told those in attendance that great harvest always creates war.

And, Pierce says, Christians need to get ready because God is on the verge of bringing about “one of the greatest harvest times we have ever known.”

“There is going to be a war over the harvest field,” Pierce says. “At every key gate in this harvest, there is a war. The Lord has said, ‘I am ready for my people to journey to their land of prosperity. They need to know that I have gathered them in this place to tell them that I am read for them to journey to their promise and their land of prosperity.'”

Pierce says the Lord recently has begun to prophetically show him an “angelic troop”—which was also confirmed by Sheets earlier in the evening—that was coming into the Ohio Valley where Oasis Church is located in Middletown.

But the gate to harvest isn’t just located there. It’s in many different places in America.

“God said if you will stand and guard the door of my entrances and listen for me daily, joy will break forth,” Pierce said. “I will speak daily for I am opening up a portal over this Ohio Valley, Illinois, Indiana, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and all of Kentucky. The Ohio Valley will be where the intersecting winds of the nation form a new gate for America. I saw these angelic troops coming in, and they were stirring the winds. The Lord says it has begun.”

As we near the middle of this decade, Pierce says, indeed it is a time of chaos on this earth. Believers can look all around them to see the havoc the enemy is trying to create.

But in the midst of the chaos, Pierce says, believers must find their promise for prosperity and they must continue to know that God has put them here to prosper through the chaos.

“You are called to prosper, and it’s not just about money,” Pierce says. “It’s about accomplishing what God is asking to accomplish. Our covenant prosperity is embedded in a timed harvest cycle, and that’s why it is so important to it. God is not in time; we’re in time, and He set our covenant plan in time for us to understand and have a harvest mentality.

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“The Lord said ‘I have found ways for you to recover and now that path of recovery that you’re on is going to take you right up to the gate of your future. This year is about the door that is already opened up for us and God is opening up doors in certain territories. These are the doors that will shift this nation in the coming year. This year is about going through your gate, entering the door of your future, ascending through the portal that He opens up and warring to secure your promise. You can’t get away from war.”

Earlier that evening, Sheets spoke of Moses, who, in Exodus 32:26, “stood at the gate and said, ‘Whoever is for the Lord, come to me. And all of the sons of Levi gathered together to him.'”

Pierce says it’s the same path that we as believers must follow today.

“Let’s go,” Pierce says. “This era is about a new Holy Spirit movement in the church. We’ve had movements throughout history and throughout the world and especially throughout America. But there is a new Holy Spirit movement coming and this wineskin will have an explosive kingdom movement about it.

“We [God’s prophets] are going to come into a new supernatural anointing to be able to tell the future before the enemy even knows how to try to thwart what God is ready to do in this land.” {eoa}

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Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma Media.

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