Biblical Literacy a Requirement for End Times ‘Daze of Deception’

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James Lasher

The Bible is filled with examples of God sending warnings, using prophets or various other means, to warn His people of impending threats—but are believers equipped to understand them?

All too often, His calls to repent and turn back towards Him fell on deaf ears. Because of this stubborn response by God’s people to turn from their sin, calamity would ensue after God’s timeline for repentance would pass.

There are many strong, Spirit-filled voices raising the alarm in America today, much like the prophets of the Old Testament. They are warning of a deception taking place right now, in the culture today, that is leading many away from the presence of God.

One of the leading voices, imploring Christians to deepen their knowledge of God’s Word so that they may stand against the coming darkness, is senior and founding pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, Pastor Jack Hibbs.

In a recent message, Hibbs explains the duty that all Christians have to expose the deception that false teachers are preaching as commanded in the New Testament.

“Jesus says I will take care of that myself (vengeance), because it is regarding my church… What you are going to do in the New Testament era is expose them (Eph. 5:11),” explains Hibbs.

“That is what we are supposed to do. We are supposed to expose the evil, the false and what is being perpetrated in what is called ‘church.'”

What is the massive deception Hibbs and others are eluding as demonic activity being used to confuse the masses?

The recent explosion of government and civilian accounts of UFOs, now called UAPs, dominating news cycle headlines over the last several weeks.

So much is being made about these unexplained phenomena that Congress held hearings from witnesses confirming “non-human” entities existed.

“The question you ought to be asking is: Why is this happening now, and are there other things that are going on in our world that align with the warnings of the Bible. That such things would happen at the near return of Christ,” says Hibbs.

Alluding to Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21, all of which discuss the destruction of the Temple and the signs and persecutions that will occur before the imminent return of Jesus, Hibbs focuses on the warning from Jesus that precedes the signs of His return.

“Jesus promises mass global deception in the last days,” says Hibbs. “I do believe that we are living in the time or the age of deception, in the days of deception, today.

“Jesus said that deception will be so great, coming upon this earth, that if it were possible, my own elect, my own church…they would be deceived. None of us have experienced a level of deception that is forthcoming.”

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Trust in the message that all forms of media now propagate has fallen sharply in recent years, and in this wake of misinformation and propaganda, many do not know what is true and what is false.

This uncertainty has sparked fear and hopelessness for those whose trust in not in God and His Word, making them vulnerable to the demonic messaging taking place over the airwaves.

A grand deception is occurring so that Satan’s end-game goal, of seizing control over God’s creation, can occur. This could be done any number of ways: through a cashless, digital currency society; ESG scores that track every purchase a person makes; social credit systems that will lockout those with low scores from society; and much more.

“These things are all being monitored. This is all part of moving toward a grand deception in the last days. It is not going to happen overnight: It is happening like Satan love to do in your life and mind and in the world, very gradually so that you do not wake up to it,” Hibbs says.

All of this is the paving of the way to the Antichrist figure as prophesied in the Bible.

So how can Christian protect themselves from the deceptive messaging being spewed forth from every major media outlet?

“As a Christ follower, what do we know?” asks Hibbs. “Well, we know that the Word of God is the absolute truth. What is beautiful about this is, if you do not know the Word of God you are going to fall for the message that people are going to be announcing and some of those messages have already been put in print.”

This helps explain the massive importance of biblical literacy for Christians. In an age when Bible reading and faith on the decline among self-described Christians, the exact opposite is needed to guide believers through these times.

Biblical understanding from the Word of God will shine light on the lies of the enemy so that the faithful can expose the plans of those plans for what they are.

To watch Pastor Jack Hibbs’ full sermon, click here.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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