Are We Headed Toward the Era of the AI-Generated Family?

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Abby Trivett

With the rapid growth of artificial intelligence and signs of end times all around us, the question to ask is: what does humanity look like as we move forward? And, are we moving toward the era of the AI-generated family?

We are created in the image of God and we were made to know and worship Him. Yet there are those who fear that AI could even take over with the cloning of the human species, according to Daily Star. Along with the warning that the Y chromosome, which in combination with the X chromosome makes the male gene, is reportedly shrinking, it would appear that the very image of humanity itself is in danger.

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As what would seem to be like an impending doom on the nature of humanity itself, the current integration of AI into all aspects of life also brings up an interesting dynamic in relationships. For example, as reported by Business Insider, a “Spanish-Dutch artist is set to marry an AI hologram this summer.” The artist, Framis, had the hologram programmed using attributes of her past romantic partners and believes that this union has the ability to complete all her needs and desires.

While the idea of humans in relationships with holograms seems ludicrous to most people, this could foreshadow a frightening element of something still to come. Since we already live in an era where people are already more connected to their screens than to other people believe, it seems within reason that some will believe they should use technology to create their ideal spouse. With the world’s first AI child known as Tong Tong having already been created, making an AI programmed family seems to be a coming reality.

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However, this idea is far from the truth of Scripture of what a family should look like. If you look at Genesis, there was a command for Adam and Eve to be together as one, a man and woman. It was later on after chaos ensued and people began to pursue sinful lifestyles that God looked upon the wickedness and regretted that He ever made humans. After this, only Noah and his family were spared during the flooding of the earth.

So, while AI is not, and will not, be used for only evil purposes, it is critical to be aware of the trends of the times and that while some of these notions may seem ridiculous—AI being used as an alternative to the family unit—there very well may come a time where this is considered normal. As the world continues to pursue whatever the next fix is for temporary happiness, it’s critical to cling to the ultimate hope and joy that can only be found in a relationship with Christ.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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