Something Only the Bible Can Explain is About to Happen

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Shawn Akers

When the Lord Jesus Christ returns to earth, He will return in all of His glory and might — not as a baby as in His first appearance. He is coming back as a man of war.

Evangelist Charles Spurgeon once wrote, “He comes to fight, but the fight is for peace. He comes to destroy, but to destroy His people’s enemies. He comes as a conqueror, but He comes as a delivering conqueror who scatters flowers where he rides.”

In this video, Lion of Judah Ministries explains, according to the book of Revelation, what it will be like when Jesus makes His triumphant return to the earth. He will not come quietly and it will be some spectacle when the Battle of Armageddon begins. It will be the final showdown between good and evil. It will be the final showdown between truth and error. It will be the final showdown between light and darkness.

No one knows the exact time or date this will happen but we are living in the end times. Are you ready for this?

For more of this compelling teaching, watch this video. {eoa}

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