Morning Rundown: Jonathan Cahn Unveils the Ancient Mystery Behind ‘Barbie’

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Jonathan Cahn Unveils the Ancient Mystery Behind ‘Barbie’

In one of his latest videos, Jonathan Cahn unveiled the ancient mystery behind the “Barbie” movie as it skyrockets to the top of box office charts. In a world where entertainment and pop culture play a pivotal role in shaping societal norms and values, the release of this seemingly innocent movie has had far greater spiritual implications than anyone might have thought.

“The fact that Hollywood could take that doll and turn it into an attack on half of the human race, on marriage, on life itself is a sign of just how sickened our culture has become,” Cahn said.

Cahn points out that the movie is blatant in its attack against marriage, and particularly on men. He suggests that there is an even darker mystery behind Barbie’s cheerful façade.

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Benny Hinn’s Dream: ‘The Coming of the Lord Is Upon Us’

Spiritual dreams, Benny Hinn says, don’t happen very often in life. But when they do, he warns believers to pay very close attention to them.

In a video released Aug. 16 on YouTube, the renowned evangelist, teacher and author says he recently had “an amazing prophetic dream” in which he had a profound encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ, and the dream has convinced him that we are “very, very close” to the coming of the Lord.

According to Hinn, the last time he had a prophetic dream was in the 1970s, when he saw himself swimming in a turbulent ocean, and the Lord lifted him out of the waters and put him into a boat. He says he had just gotten saved when he had that dream.

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Troy Black’s Prophetic Warning: ‘Push Back the Darkness as You Celebrate the Light’

In a recent message, Troy Black shared a profound vision that speaks directly to end-times living and the plans and purposes God has for believers in this day and age.

Black’s vision included a city skyline being engulfed by a wave of darkness coming from one side, accompanied by an image of a seven-headed dragon emerging from the shadows. Black believes this vision correlates with the Scriptures of Revelation 13, pointing to a deeper message about the end times.

“I was praying, ‘Lord, what is this, what am I seeing?’” Black said. “And this is what the Holy Spirit said. He said, ‘It’s coming. It’s already here.’ And then He said, ‘What’s been happening over these last few years is the beginning of a pattern, an increase in birth pains. A shift.”

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