Jonathan Cahn Unveils the Ancient Mystery Behind ‘Barbie’

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Abby Trivett

In one of his latest videos, Jonathan Cahn unveiled the ancient mystery behind the “Barbie” movie as it skyrockets to the top of box office charts. In a world where entertainment and pop culture play a pivotal role in shaping societal norms and values, the release of this seemingly innocent movie has had far greater spiritual implications than anyone might have thought.

“The fact that Hollywood could take that doll and turn it into an attack on half of the human race, on marriage, on life itself is a sign of just how sickened our culture has become,” Cahn said.

Cahn points out that the movie is blatant in its attack against marriage, and particularly on men. He suggests that there is an even darker mystery behind Barbie’s cheerful façade.

“This has to be the most widely distributed anti-man movie ever made. Never before has there been a major motion picture directed at children, girls, to the effect of indoctrinating them against men. Just a few years ago this motion picture could not even have been made as a children’s movie, but it shows you how rapidly our culture is changing, or rather, deteriorating.”

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The dialogue within the movie, laced with feminist rhetoric, raises concerns about its potential influence on impressionable young minds. For example, the film opens with a scene showing girls smashing their baby dolls, symbolizing the death of motherhood and the distinct roles of men and women in society.

“In this movie, the idea of men and women actually loving each other or needing each other or complementing each other is an anathema. Marriage is rejected for the sake of the sisterhood. Women must separate themselves from men in favor of being with women. Thus, women are not to need men as they can fulfill all the functions of manhood by themselves without men, and men likewise are not to need women as they can presumably fulfill all the functions of womanhood by themselves without women,” Cahn said.

Besides the tear down of the family unit and the value of both sexes, the Barbie movie also infiltrates the LGBTQ agenda in with a transgender Barbie character. However, Cahn says that this is just the surface of what’s going on in the film. Instead, he points to a deeper, spiritual issue that connects all of these elements together.

“What does Barbie have to do with an ancient Mesopotamian goddess?” Cahn asks. “I wrote of this key in ‘The Return of the Gods.’ When a civilization turns away from God, it doesn’t become neutral or empty when it turns away from the Spirit of God…one of the most ancient of these spirits that I reveal in the book is that of a goddess known in the Bible as Ash Torah.”

Ash Torah was known as Ishtar in Babylon.

“Ishtar was the goddess of sexuality, sexual immorality. She was always depicted as a young woman on her own, independent,” Cahn said. “She was often depicted as taking roles traditionally assumed by men. She was not the goddess of marriage. She was rarely linked to marriage; her ways were generally averse to marriage or motherhood.”

Cahn not only points out the character trait similarities between Ishtar and Barbie, but also says that ancient Mesopotamian culture was filled with her images and idols, including little figurines that people kept in their houses—just as girls today would own a Barbie doll.

Cahn reveals that just as Barbie is famous for having Ken as her boyfriend, so too is Ishtar known for having a boyfriend named Tammuz.

“Tammuz was always a secondary character, always in the shadow of Ishtar in effect, an accessory to Ishtar’s mythology,” Cahn said. “Ishtar dominates and subjugates her lover. She even destroys Tammuz. In the movie, ‘Barbie,’ Ken is vanquished along with the other men.”

Cahn says the breakdown of the two genders is what leads Ishtar to trick society into believing that men can become women and women can become men.

The parallels between Barbie and the goddess are striking. As we’ve seen media evolve over time, female characters receive more praise if they dominate over men while male characters are degraded and seen as ignorant or worthless. Now is the moment to recognize the spiritual forces at work, and to see both men and women with the purpose that God has created each with.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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