Jonathan Cahn to Reveal Stunning, Long-Hidden Prophetic Images in New ‘Harbinger’ Motion Picture

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Marti Pieper

On May 12 and May 19, 2022, Jonathan Cahn’s new motion picture, The Harbingers of Things to Come, will premiere in movie theaters nationwide. Near the end of the movie, he will reveal a sequence of prophetic images kept hidden for years.

Cahn has had the images in his possession for some time but has never publicly released them as he does with the movie’s release. Though the specific content of the images has not been revealed, Cahn, for the first time, now gives us clues about what will appear on the screen in the new motion picture.

“In the Bible, God gives images, symbols, visions, glimpses of things yet to come, prophetic foreshadows,” the bestselling author says. “The difference here is that, in this case, they were actually captured on film.

“In ancient times, it was the watchmen who saw the first glimpses of coming events, coming danger, approaching judgment,” Cahn explains. “Those glimpses were often first seen from the walls of the city gate. The gate of America is New York City—and most specifically, the Statue of Liberty. And that’s where the prophetic images appeared.

“It happened at the pedestal of the statue,” he says. “The images appeared in the midst of a gathering of believers who had come there as they had a strong sense that something major was going to happen.

“The first image appeared while one of the leaders there sounded the shofar to New York City,” Cahn says. “It was captured on-camera. Those present didn’t realize what had happened until they later saw the pictures. When they did realize it, everyone was astounded. It was precise, exact and stunning. In the movie, this is the image that will be shown first.

“The second image isn’t so much one image but several—a sequence of images,” he adds. “It was captured by a second person using a video camera. It happened while the man who had sounded the shofar was praying for America and chanting an ancient Hebrew blessing. Only later, when the group looked at the video, did they realize what had appeared. It was a different image or series of images. It was even more graphic and stunning. Those who saw it could hardly speak.

“These are prophetic images that revealed what was going to happen to America before it happened—events that were linked to the biblical template of national judgment and that are still affecting us to this day,” Cahn says.

“With the release of The Harbingers of Things to Come and with America in such a critical hour, I decided it was time to release these images—to reveal them in a way they had never been revealed before,” he says. “So for the first time ever, people will be seeing the images for themselves in movie theaters across America.”

As to the effect of the images, Cahn says this: “An advance preview of the film was given to a Christian producer of television broadcasts. He told me that when he saw the images, it was ‘bone chilling’ and that he literally had goosebumps.

“And there was even more to the mystery,” he adds. “The images not only revealed what was going to happen to America but also when it was going to happen—the exact day!”

As to how Cahn knew of these things and came into possession of the images, he reveals one more piece of the puzzle. “The reason I can say these things is I was there. I was the one who was led to sound the shofar to New York City and then to lift my hands and pray. I had a strong sense that the gathering was a prophetic moment, but only when I saw what had appeared, and later when the foreshadow was fulfilled, did the full weight of what happened come on me. Now thousands of others will be able to see it for the first time.”

The Harbingers of Things to Come appears in movie theaters across America on May 12, 2022. Because the response has been so great, a second premiere has been added for May 19, 2022. To find out where the movie is playing and purchase tickets, go to harbingersofthingstocome.com. To arrange a showing event at your church, organization or private venue, go to faithcontentnetwork.com/JonathanCahn. {eoa}

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