Morning Rundown: Movieguide® Warns Parents Over Barbie Movie

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Movieguide® Warns Parents Over Barbie Movie 

The new Barbie movie seems to have forgotten its core audience of families and children, instead catering to nostalgic adults and pushing LGBTQ character stories. This departure from its traditional focus on young viewers is alarming for Christian parents who seek to instill biblical values in their children.

Not only does the movie fail to appeal to its built-in market of little girls and families, but it also receives criticism for being poorly made with multiple premises, disappointing even the most dedicated fans.

The movie’s executives missed a crucial step in defining their target audience and neglected the millions of families who would have eagerly attended theaters and purchased tickets.

Prophecy: God Is Going to Anoint People With a Sound Mind

There is this struggle going on right now—a tug-of-war over our minds; how we see things, how we think, our inner values. But God is rolling up His sleeves and preparing people who’ve got a sound mind to bring some much-needed balance in key areas: our society’s culture, our ministries and even the political arena.

Some of you who are these soon-to-be leaders had to fight intense mental battles. You had to lean heavily into your faith and personal journey towards mental health, to be strong enough for this moment. Others of you were raised in this beautiful greenhouse of healthy thinking and lifestyle.

We need both kinds in our society’s battlefield, to help guide not only the faithful but also people from all walks of life towards God’s plan.

Congressman Issues Urgent Warning, Exposing Cruelties of Christian Persecution

A prominent Republican lawmaker has sounded the alarm on the persecution faced by Christians and other faiths in China, boldly asserting that Chinese President Xi Jinping is assuming the role of God.

Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI), chairman of the House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party, made these remarks during an interfaith roundtable discussion centered on the suppression of religion in China. In attendance was a Chinese pastor who had fled the communist regime after enduring severe persecution.

During the roundtable, Gallagher unequivocally stated, “Xi Jinping has no problem with the first commandment, just so long as he and the CCP are playing the role of God.” The congressman further drew attention to reports of China “rewriting the Bible.” Specifically, he referenced the Gospel of John and the account of the adulterous woman, where Jesus displayed mercy and forgiveness. However, Gallagher highlighted that for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), this story is seen as a dissident challenging the state’s authority.

He noted that a university textbook in China contained a “sneak preview” of a Bible version with socialist characteristics, which altered the ending of the Gospel of John to portray Jesus stoning the adulterous woman to death.


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