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Morning Rundown: 10-Year-Old Prophecy Driving Powerful New Mike Signorelli Film

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10-Year-Old Prophecy Driving Powerful New Mike Signorelli Film

As a deliverance minister and the senior pastor of V1 church in New York City, Pastor Mike Signorelli has seen a lot of wonderful things happen in the kingdom of God—both in the natural and the supernatural.

Signorelli says, however, his upcoming movie, “The Domino Revival,” will be “unlike any movie you’ve ever seen before.” For one night only, on October 24, filmgoers will see medically verifiable miracles, prophecies, deliverances and healings, all happening on film.

The film will take the audience on what he calls an extraordinary journey with himself and a group of revivalists during “a pivotal period in our nation’s history.” The movie, he says, unveils the awe-inspiring power of Jesus Christ, captures the essence of spiritual hunger, and will deliver a profound cinematic experience.

$1 Million Gift Going to LA Dream Center From Jentezen Franklin, Free Chapel

When the Lord places a call on our lives for a ministry, He always comes through and provides the necessary provision to fulfill His vision.

This reliance on God to bring in the funding and people to carry out the mission God put on Pastor Matthew Barnett’s heart is the driving factor as to why the LA Dream Center is one of the leading ministries in all the world.

Located in the heart of Los Angeles perched atop a hill off the Hollywood freeway, the Dream Center has endured countless storms in the City of Angels.

Greg Locke: Why Do So Many Churches Ignore Deliverance Ministry?

If Jesus spent one-third of His ministry casting out demons, why do so many churches virtually ignore deliverance ministry? Following the break-out box office success of his documentary, ‘Come Out In Jesus Name,’ which is now streaming worldwide, firebrand pastor, Greg Locke, is set to release “Cast It Out: The Call to Set People Free” (Charisma House), the third installment in his Spiritual Warfare Series.

Through his new book, Christians will come to understand the power and purpose behind deliverance, and why all followers of Christ are called to cast out demons.

“I had all the arguments against signs and wonders firmly in hand and deliverance ministry wasn’t even an afterthought. I had predetermined it all to be nothing more than foolish hyped-up ‘charismaniac’ nonsense,” Locke writes. “But then God said, ‘I’m going to remove your denominational lenses. I’m going to show you what the Bible really says.'”

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