‘We Believe in Jesus the Messiah’: Christian Community in Israel Enduring Daily Hezbollah Rocket Fire

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JISH, Israel – Tensions are rising here in northern Israel after Hezbollah fired more than 50 rockets at the Galilee over the weekend. As the IDF prepares for a potential war with Hezbollah, the remaining residents in this area could soon be on the frontlines.

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CBN News visited this small Maronite Christian village in the hills of Israel near the Lebanese border. Daily life continues despite the ongoing threat of war as regular rocket attacks by Hezbollah keep the region in a state of heightened alert, with fear of an imminent escalation.

In response, Israel is launching strikes deep into Lebanon, targeting firing positions, ammunition depots and key terrorist operatives.

Maronite community leader Shadi Khaloul told us, “The Hezbollah today also have drones. They have precision-guided missiles. They have 80,000 fighters with elite units well-trained in Syria’s civil war, ten years with Wagner force with Syria, with Iranian forces. So we know that they are very dangerous because they have a very radical Islamic Shia ideology.”

Maronite Christians here have a long history of persevering through adversity. As they face the prospect of another war, they draw upon their rich heritage and the support of their tight-knit community.

“Well, we’re still gathering in our church as usual, albeit with maybe a bit of a larger number,” one priest explained. “We are peaceful people. We pray for peace. We want peace. We want the war to come to an end. And we pray for that purpose.

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“The Israeli Defense Forces have evacuated everybody who lives between this area and the Lebanese border. It’s only about 4.6 kilometers from here. That means this Maronite Christian community in Jish is now on the frontline because the people who live here have not been evacuated by the government. If they want to leave, they can leave at their own expense. But the people who have decided to stay are trusting in the IDF and in God to keep them safe.”

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