Why Israel Is Losing the Propaganda War in America

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Blake Lorenz

The proverbial elephant is in the room, and it is stomping on Israel. Yet I fear we are unwilling to see the future as it is unfolding in human history.

Israel is losing the global propaganda war. Its stance in the world community has fallen in the last 10 years where even the USA is becoming divided over her right to govern her sovereign land she settled nearly 3,400 years ago.

When the rocket attacks from Hamas began, the weight of blame came not on the terrorists, but upon Israel. Violence against American Jews happened openly in New York City, Los Angeles and around the country by Palestinian thugs, the media hardly took notice.

When I read that 1,000 Apple employees sent their CEO a letter urging him to take the side of the Palestinians, I realized Israel was losing the propaganda war in America.

The Palestinian propaganda machine has been highly effective on our college campuses. Their indoctrination of young students has helped build a strong argument against Israel. Similarly, their manipulation and influence in the UN has changed the world view of Israel.

Remember, there are hundreds of millions of Arabs with much wealth and influence in our world compared to the 8 million Jews in Israel and the several other million Jews around the globe. The Arabs have the resources to spread their false narrative and influence our colleges with their grant money and nations with their oil production.

We have leaders in Congress who openly state that Hamas is justified in their rocket attacks on Israel. Even though there has been some pushback from President Biden, no real action has been taken to condemn this outrageous and false narrative against Israel.

What if before we entered the Second World War, we had leaders in Congress say Nazi Germany was justified in bombing France and then England. They would have been run out of town.

I found it interesting that one of the members of Congress called the Palestinians Arabs. They went on to condemn Israel as an occupying colonial power. I thought, how ignorant and misinformed she was.

If the Palestinians are Arabs, then they came into the land after the Muslim Arabs conquered Jerusalem at the end of the 7th century A.D. The Jews had settled this same land close to 2,000 years prior. This is common history.

If anyone would like to read a true account of the history of the Arab/Palestinian and Israel conflict read, “From Time Immemorial,” by Joan Peters, published in 1984. Joan was an ardent activist who marched with Martin Luther King.

She then went to Israel to defend the Palestinian cause against Israel. What she discovered stunned her. The fault of the Arab-Jewish struggle could not be laid at the door of the Jews, but it was the fault of the Arabs, especially since the land had been settled by the Jews nearly 2,000 years before the Arabs conquered the land from the Byzantines, who had occupied the Jewish state inherited from the Roman Empire, who had taken it from the descendants of Alexander the Great, who had driven out the Persians, who had inherited it from the Babylonians.

The Jews had been in the land for around 800 years before the Babylonians took Jerusalem and sent the Jews into exile in 605 B.C. They then returned 70 years later to resettle their homeland.

Yet, the Palestinians have sold many of the nations of the world the falsehood that it is their land and even say Jesus was not a Jew, but a Palestinian. Why is this not challenged by the media and our world leaders?

You cannot win the argument when your foundational premise is based on a lie. Darkness is the devil’s friend. The false narrative against Israel is darkness.

Now, I am not dismissing the suffering of the Palestinian people, but it is their own brother and sister Arabs that have brought this suffering upon them. Because of the terrorism the PLO, then Hezzbollah and Hamas and many other misled Arabs have caused such death and acts of terror in Israel, that the Jewish state had to act to stop the horrors of terrorism within their borders.

The Jews are completely open to live as one with the Arabs in Israel. But they must defend themselves against the objectives of Iran and the terror organizations to destroy Israel as a nation and establish Arab-Muslim rule over Jerusalem and the land.

Israel has an impressive army and the backing of America in their opposition to the Arab-Muslim goal to drive them into the sea. Now, I want to share what few are willing to declare. The other elephant in the room: God is on Israel’s side. That is not to say God is against the Arab/Palestinians, but God’s plan of redemption runs through the Jews. Jesus is Jewish!

The Bible has foretold all the world events that are happening, especially with Israel. The Jewish prophets from Isaiah to Zachariah wrote of what is occurring now and in the past 150 years.

Isaiah prophesied that Israel would be reborn in a day. That happened by U.N. decree in 1948. Jeremiah foretold that God would bring the Jews home from the four corners of the earth. That began around 150 years ago as a trickle and now a river of Jews are coming home.

Daniel prophesied God’s kingdom in Israel through the Messiah, that it would become the last and greatest kingdom on earth.

Daniel, Ezekiel and Zechariah also prophesied of the end time wars that would lead to the coming of the Messiah. Zechariah went so far as to say that the nations of the earth would gather against Jerusalem and take half the city before the Messiah would come to destroy these nations.

These nations are the goat nations that Jesus said would not bless Israel, but condemn her and seek to destroy her. Jesus would judge these nations for their unwillingness to help “the least of these.”

Jesus prophesied that there would come a time when Jerusalem would no longer be trampled by the Gentiles. This was fulfilled in 1967 when the Jews re-established Jerusalem as their capital in the 6 Day War.

These are but a few of the prophecies concerning Israel and the land. There are numerous other prophecies given in the Bible all coming true as predicted!

There will be no lasting peace until the Messiah comes to deliver Israel in a greater miracle than the Red Sea. This miracle began in the return of the Jews to their homeland as Jeremiah prophesied and will end in the Messiah coming from heaven to usher in God’s promise of peace and justice which will come forth from the Messiah as He establishes His rule over all the nations of the earth centered in Jerusalem.

We dare not come against God and His plan for Israel. That does not mean we cannot assist in helping the Palestinians, but not at Israel’s expense. The land is Israel’s by God’s decree given to Abraham around 2000 B.C. That is the covenant of God, fulfilled in Jesus Christ 2,000 years later.

People can debate this and even deny it, but the truth is God’s hand is on Israel. The Bible prophecies make it clear God will protect Israel and defeat all armies that come against her. Since 1948, this has happened in miraculous ways as Israel defeated all armies that have come against her despite overwhelming odds. There is no other explanation but God.

There will be no solution to the Israel predicament until the Messiah comes. We are wasting our energies in trying to come up with a two-nation solution. The best answer is to bring about reconciliation between the Jews and Arabs, but the terrorists will not permit it, nor will Iran.

Thus, we need to defend Israel as one nation, not divide the land and pray for the Messiah to come. War is inevitable in the end. Truth is the only answer. Lies will only result in more darkness. Jesus said He was the way, the truth and the life … The truth will set you free.

P.S. A dear friend of mine read the draft of this article, and he reminded me the land of Israel is God’s land, Jeremiah 2:7 and Joel 3:2. God gave the land to Abraham and his descendants. We should honor what God desires, or He may curse our land. Therefore, Israel has a responsibility to be the best stewards of this gift from God.

What does that mean in terms of dealing with the Arab/Palestinians? {eoa}

Blake Lorenz is the senior pastor at Encounter Global Outreach in Orlando, Florida. Check out his daily blog at blakelorenz.com and his podcast Awaken with Blake Lorenz on the Charisma Podcast Network.

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