Rocket Attacks Shook Touring American Christians as War Erupted

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Anthony Hart

A group of over 40 American Christians touring the Holy Land with End Times Ministries witnessed the initial rocket attacks firsthand while visiting Masada, one of the touristic sites in the West Bank, on the day Hamas launched its hellish attacks from land, sea and air.

They escaped the danger by the grace of God. They were not taken hostage, even as threats loom. They managed to get back to their hotel on the tour bus. But it’s not easy to get out of Israel this week—not even for a bus tour of Christians.

Unable to get an immediate flight out as the terrorist attacks by Hamas wreaked havoc, destruction and death, these Christian tourists hunkered down in their hotel on Saturday and are now waiting for the opportunity to be able to leave Israel, trusting God for their safety.

Dave Robbins, one of the leaders of End Times Ministries, was interviewed on Grant Stinchfield’s program on Real America’s Voice TV network on Tuesday evening. The tour group has continued to visit sacred sites in Israel amid the war.

One of the rockets hit right in a neighborhood where we were at yesterday, right next to a neighborhood, and then another one fell, get this, on a mosque just outside Jerusalem,” says Robbins.

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“So, they’re still firing rockets and different things, but this thing’s not going away. It’s getting ready to get bigger because Israel has 300,000 reservists that have been called up, and they’re getting ready to go into Gaza.”

Robbin’s tour group of Americans has airline tickets for Sunday, October 15 to leave Israel, assuming the airport is not shutdown by this weekend. Other tour groups have been able to cross over to Jordan to find another route home to the U.S.

“Hopefully, God’s got his hands upon us, and I know He does, and we can get out,” says Robbins. “Other than that, there’s no way of us to getting out of here.”

He also told Grant Stinchield on the Real America’s Voice channel, “We can’t go north because Lebanon is now firing missiles into Israel. They’ve been shooting mortars, and Israel’s been going in and bombing them, and it’s happening in the south.”

He goes on to say, “The US military may come in and get American citizens out, but at this point right now, we’re fairly stuck here and hoping to get out on Sunday.

The End Times Ministries leader called the Hamas attacks on Israel “satanic.”

But he is keeping the faith. “I’m just praying that we can get up out of here on Sunday. That’s the main goal, to keep everybody safe and get everybody home,” he adds.

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Anthony Hart is a freelance writer.

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