Hamas: The Direct Connection Between Hitler and Radical Islam

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Michael L. Brown

Have you ever wondered why leftists, including radical feminists and LGBTQ activists and their allies, support Hamas? The reality is that radical feminists protesting for their rights in Gaza would either be jailed on the spot or killed.

As for a gay pride event in Gaza, the very thought of it is ludicrous. That would likely be the last public event of the participants’ lives. Why, then, the great support for Hamas? Even an immodestly dressed woman in Gaza would be subject to immediate punishment, potentially including a beating on the spot.

In contrast, Israel has a very strong feminist base, while Tel Aviv was voted the world’s most gay-friendly city. As for immodesty, Israel has plenty of it. (I’m not proud of this. I’m just stating the facts.)

A 2019 article in Haaretz was titled, “Pride and Prejudice: The Hellish Life of Gaza’s LGBTQ Community. Four gay men and one woman tell Haaretz what life is really like in a ‘homophobic society’ where pretending to be straight is often a matter of survival.”

Yet so many on the left demonize Israel and glorify Hamas. Why?

The top panel of a meme shows four people standing proudly behind a “Queers for Palestine” flag, representing the Sydney based “USYD Queer Action Collectiv [sic].” The bottom panel is titled “Queers in Palestine,” showing a stripped man being dragged through the street by a motorcycle.

Why, then the “queer” support for Palestine, let alone for Hamas?

Kylie Jenner had the temerity to share a pro-Israel post following the unprecedented barbaric slaughter on Saturday, but she took it down within the hour. How dare she be so one-sided. How dare she show friendship with Israel when her friend Bella Hadid was Palestinian. She crossed the forbidden line.

But ask the question of where Kylie and millions of her followers would prefer to live if they were given the choice in real life circumstances, and Israel, not Gaza and not the West Bank would be their overwhelming choice.

Why, then, so much leftwing support for terrorists like Hamas?

The simple answer is that Hamas is anti-Semitic, and antisemitism is part of the spirit of the age, the mentality of what the New Testament calls “the world.” Darkness is drawn to darkness.

And this is the primary thing that unites the leftwing supporters of Hamas: latent (or flagrant) antisemitism, often disguised as staunch anti-Zionism. This shared hatred (or, at the least, severely critical, totally unbalanced attitude towards Israel) overrides all the other issues.

That’s why it is no surprise that, as reported by the Daily Mail, “A group of 31 Harvard organizations, including the Ivy League institution’s affiliate of Amnesty International, has placed the blame on Israel for Hamas’ brutal, surprise attack that has killed at least 700 Israelis.

“The organizations released a letter to the public as a ‘Joint Statement by Harvard Palestine Solidarity Groups on the Situation in Palestine’ on Sunday to condemn Israel in the wake of the violence.

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“They claim that Hamas’ attacks, which are still ongoing, ‘did not happen in a vacuum’ and the Israeli government has forced Palestinians to live in ‘an open-air prison for over two decades.'”

Yes, as the nation of Israel grieves the most horrific slaughter of Jewish people on any one day since the Holocaust, 31 (count them) Harvard organizations give shade to the murderers and, on some level, blame the victims.

As for the Islamist supporters of Hamas (and, more broadly, those maligning Israel at this moment as they side with the Palestinians), it’s not long before the Hitler connection manifests itself.

A sickening video from Australia shows a crowd of pro-Palestinian Muslims chanting “Gas the Jews” as they stand on the steps of the Sydney Opera House.

A Muslim woman at a pro-Palestinian rally in New York on Sunday (while the corpses of slaughtered Israelis were still being discovered) held up a picture of a swastika on her cell phone. And while not all protesters shared these sentiments, all too many did.

Notice also that the crowd in Sydney was not shouting, “Gas the Israelis,” which would have been horrific enough. They were chanting, “Gas the Jews,” since in their mind, all Jews are guilty. Sound familiar? (They also chanted “*Expletive* the Jews.”)

But this should come as no surprise.

After all, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, became a confidant of Hitler, united largely by their shared hatred of the Jews. Israel was their common enemy, uniting a Middle Eastern Muslim and an Aryan supremacist German.

Hatred can bring unity too—a unity that destroys.

An August 2022 report on Mediate noted that, “The New York Times has come under fire for hiring freelancers who praised Adolf Hitler and the U.S.-designated terrorist group Hamas.

“A videographer, Soliman Hijjy, has a history of praising Hitler, who was responsible for the deaths of 6 million Jews during the Holocaust.

“In 2012, Hijjy posted on Facebook, ‘How great you are Hitler.’

“In 2018, Hijjy posted on Facebook, ‘And I’m in tune like Hitler during the [H]olocaust … May Allah have mercy on you…’

“Also in 2018, Hijjy lauded Hamas firing rockets from Gaza toward Israel as ‘resistance.’

“A photographer, Hosam Salem, has a history of praising terrorism against Israel.

“In a 2011 Facebook post, he applauded a bus bombing in Jerusalem.”

But of course. The demonic spirit that impelled the Nazis impels radical, Jew-hating Muslims as well.

Clear enough? {eoa}

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