Grant Berry: Intercession That Will Change The World

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Christians have a duty to intercede for Jewish people in prayer, especially in the End Times.

In this series of articles on intercession we will discuss the different aspects of prayer and intercession, but in particular we will focus on the type of prayer and intercession I believe the Holy Spirit wants to lead us into as we enter the final days before Yeshua’s return.

However, before I start, the question I feel compelled to raise is, “Do you think that you have a part and role to play out in God’s end time plan, or will the end just happen without our involvement?” These are rhetorical questions, as I believe God always chooses to work through His body to achieve His goals and purposes for the world; this has always been the case. Has this not already happened throughout mankind’s history, from Adam to Noah, Abraham and Moses, David and to Jesus Himself and then through His Jewish Apostles, God always works His plans for mankind through humanity, which He alone has created? So why would the end be any different from the beginning?

God’s End Time Glory Plan

But these questions beckon answers that should evoke a response in us, which is honestly the main reason for me writing these articles. I believe God is calling His body into His end time fight, His end time Glory Plan through prayer and intercession that actually will require great commitment, dedication and earnest involvement on our behalf, so that His purposes and plans maybe achieved through us; that the end may come and that Mashiach will return to establish His kingdom upon the earth that the Bible refers to as His Millennial reign.

So you might ask, what is God’s end time glory plan?

His end time glory plan is to show Jesus to the world and to finally establish His Kingdom upon the earth. To uproot the devil and his demonic powers that have had principality over the earth since Adam and Eve fell to sin and to cast him out of the heavens and down to the earth into the greatest ever battle the world has witnessed. Not only will this culminate with the greatest show of God’s power the world has ever seen, but you definitely would not want to be opposed to Him at this time, or His plans for Israel as by then your fate will be permanently sealed (See Rev.9:20).

His end time glory plan is also seen in the preparation of His bride, which is made up of both Jewish and Gentile believing children. So as we begin to enter this time, the Holy Spirit is shifting to once again re-include His Jewish family, along with Israel’s physical restoration to the land; now already fulfilled Scripture. This is also quite evident, not only in the natural with this little piece of real estate no greater than the size of the State of New Jersey appearing almost daily in all world news headlines, but also in the Churches association and fascination with Israel, as well as its reconnection to its Jewish roots.


However, to fully embrace God’s end time plan we must go to His word that compels us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6). But do we honestly know what this means? For peace will never come to this land until the King of peace returns to it. So indeed when we pray for the peace of Jerusalem, it should lead us to pray for all the events that must take place that His word reveals to us for both Israel and the Nations to come into His perfect plan and timing to reveal Himself to the world, AMEN!

Having said that, does this not mean that we are now entering into the time of the fullness of the Gentiles, possibly the greatest spiritual awakening and revival we have ever seen or witnessed? Does this not mean that Israel’s spiritual awakening is intricately linked and related to the same, that their hardening, which has been temporary will be lifted during these days (See Romans 11:25-26)? So as we pray for revival and awakening shouldn’t Israel’s spiritual awakening take center stage so that the outpouring to the Nations may also come? Even though the Spirit has been focused on gathering His children from the nations these past 2000 years, this kingdom principle has never changed. Indeed, there is great power for us to be loosed from the heavens in our evangelism to the world, as we look to realign ourselves and the gospel to the Jew first.

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