Do American Students Suddenly Have Compassion for Palestinians’ Plight?

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Michael L. Brown

No, I don’t believe for a moment that suddenly, college students all over America really care about the plight of the Palestinians. I don’t believe this any more than, a few years ago, I believed people worldwide were suddenly concerned about the plight of Black Americans when they marched for Black Lives Matter.

Not a chance. Instead, this is just the latest manifestation of raging against the machine, standing up to “the man.”

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As Khymani James, one of the Columbia University anti-Israel protest leaders who is Black and identifies as trans, nonbinary and queer, expressed, just as, in the past, Haitian revolutionaries had to “kill their masters in order to gain their independence,” it’s the same with Hamas and the Palestinian people today. They too must kill their white supremacist masters.

He adds, “What is a Zionist? A white supremacist.”

That pretty much sums it up.

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To be sure, there are Muslims worldwide who, on some level, stand with the Palestinians, although not when it comes to their home countries absorbing Palestinians as equal citizens. And there are students in America who, no doubt, are moved by the images of suffering Palestinian families.

But these same students were not equally moved by the incredibly graphic images of Israelis massacred by Hamas or the documented reports of women raped and abused. Nor have they been moved by the suffering of the more than 130 hostages, including babies, held in captivity for more than 200 days, in complete violation of every international or universal standard of ethics. The protesters’ compassion is not just selective, but hypocritical and skin deep.

Without a doubt, these are not simply pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel protests. They are pro-Hamas, anti-Jewish protests.

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