An End Times Warning for Western Supporters of Israel

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Shawn Akers

The recent outbreak of violence in the Middle East has captured the world’s attention as Israel continues to battle its mortal enemies of terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, as well as the constant threats of annihilation from neighboring Iran.

As the conflict escalates, concerns are growing that it could have more far-reaching consequences, extending beyond the region itself. End times expert Michael Snyder says those in the Western world supporting Israel should be wary of impending violence and the escalating threat of antisemitism.

“There will be violence and destruction in the months ahead, and it won’t be limited to the Middle East,” Snyder said in a recent blog. “I believe Western nations that show support for Israel, including the United States, will see it like we’ve never seen it before.”

The conflict in the Middle East has continued for centuries. But the recent eruption of conflict in that region, primarily between Israel and Hamas, is a significant concern for those who support Israel. This escalation has the potential to be one of the most pivotal events of our time and could lead the fulfillment of biblical prophecy in our lifetime, many kingdom leaders say.

“It’s in real time, before your very eyes,” Pastor Greg Laurie says. “It is a strong indication that it could be the start of a series of events predicted in Scripture long ago.”

Despite any threats of violence America, and no matter what lies the secular media attempts to feed the public, Pastor John Hagee says that the U.S. will continue to stand with Israel in “her darkest hour.”

The founder and chairman of Christians United for Israel, Hagee says, “I know where I stand, and where CUFI’s 10 million members-plus stand. We stand with Israel. Christians across the United States and the world stand with Israel. We stand with Israel now and forever.”

Antisemitism continues to rear its ugly head, and the current conflict provides fertile ground for an escalation of this unholy ideal. As the conflict intensifies, Snyder says incidents of anti-Jewish hate are at an all-time high, posing a genuine threat to Jewish communities across the Western world.

Radical Islam’s influence in the West has become a major cause for concern. Over the past few decades, many migrants from regions where radical Islam is prevalent have relocated to Western nations.

While the majority are peace-loving, many sympathize with terror organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah. The presence of these individuals in the Western world presents a challenge, as their support for extremist ideologies can contribute to the growth of antisemitism.

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The brutality of Hamas’s tactics, demonstrated in the recent conflict, leaves no room for negotiation. Hamas’ goal is the destruction of Israel, fueled by an intense hatred for the Jewish people.

The deliberate massacre of women, children and babies is a grim reminder of the level of hatred that fuels these terror organizations. Such inhuman acts can further stoke the flames of violence and antisemitism globally.

This article in June from Charisma News columnist Dr. Michael Brown explains that notion in detail. Hatred for Jews in the last few years has exploded on the Internet and there have been several violent acts already perpetrated in America against members of Jewish synagogues during that time.

It’s even spread to American churches, as explained in this 2014 Charisma News article titled “What You Need to Know About the Growing Antisemitism in Mainline Churches.” It’s shocking to read about how many mainline denominations have, for years, turned their backs on the Jewish people.

But Brown says, thankfully in the end, truth will overcome lies and light will overcome darkness.

“We do well in the here and now not to underestimate the power of those dark lies,” Brown says. “They have led to shedding of an ocean of Jewish blood over the centuries.”

This growing domestic hostility should raise a red flag among American churches who support Israel. Western supporters of Israel should be wary as there is a real danger that violence and terror attacks may shatter our false sense of security we now cling to that these incidents couldn’t happen here in America.

While peaceful coexistence remains the ultimate goal, the escalating violence and extremism in the Middle East pose a growing threat to those who support Israel, making vigilance and proactive measures essential to ensure the safety and well-being of all citizens globally, but particularly here in the U.S. {eoa}

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Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma Media.

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