Israelis React to White House Demands: ‘America Has Become Israel’s Tactical Enemy’

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JERUSALEM, Israel – U.S. officials have revealed President Joe Biden told Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a Thursday phone call that U.S. policy toward Israel will change unless the Israeli military does more to protect aid workers and deals with the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated, “[Biden] made clear that U.S. policy with respect to Gaza will be determined by our assessment of Israel’s immediate action on these steps.”

National Security Spokesman John Kirby seconded Blinken’s comment regarding Gaza. saying, “We need to see certain changes. And if we don’t, then we’ll have to consider changes to our own policy. But it’s not about leverage,” he said.

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The president also told Netanyahu he wants a ceasefire deal without delay.

“He underscored as well that an immediate ceasefire is essential to stabilize and improve the humanitarian situation and protect innocent civilians, and he urged Prime Minister Netanyahu to empower his negotiators to conclude a deal without delay,” Blinken elaborated.

For Israel, that could mean losing the war, since Hamas continues to say it will agree to no ceasefire deal unless Israeli forces totally withdraw from Gaza.

Jeff Ballabon of the American Center for Law and Justice told CBN News a ceasefire would have dire consequences for Israel.

“The implication for that is that America has now become Israel’s tactical enemy. In real terms, in practical terms, this is impossible, demanding that Israel lose this war. Israel cannot afford to lose this war. This is an existential war,” Ballabon said.

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Netanyahu maintains Israel must win its war against terrorist forces for the sake of the United States and the rest of the West.

“This is a larger battle. Our battle is your battle,” Netanyahu declared. “Our victory is your victory. And if we don’t have a victory, this will have enormous implications for American security, for our common future. So, we must win.”

In his call with Netanyahu, Biden expressed outrage about Israel’s accidental killing of seven aid workers in Gaza Monday.

Though critics point out the U.S. did the same sort of thing with a drone strike during the Afghanistan withdrawal in 2021.

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