Study: Daily Meat Consumption Increases Early Mortality Rates

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Shawn Akers

A study says eating red meat daily can lower your life expectancy.

Individuals who consume processed and red meat on a daily basis hold a greater chance of mortality from all causes. Recently, research results were reviewed in a large-scale study that evaluates mortality rates as they relate to dietary consumption.

Dietary Consumption: Vegetarian, or Meat?

The Journal of American Osteopathic Association published a review that was led by physicians at Mayo Clinic. The authors reviewed the diets of those who are meat consumers to those who are vegetarian over a significant period of time. Data was analyzed which included six different studies.

According to Dr. Laurent, the individual’s diet has the power to harm the body, or heal the body. Clinical-based evidence provides the strong conclusion of how important the diet really is to the body. Eating a vegetarian diet is much healthier for individuals and increases life expectancy.

Meat Consumption: Increased Mortality Rates

In a review of the findings, even the smallest consumption of meat can provide a steep increase in mortality rates. One study followed over one and a half million people for a period of five to 28 years. The association of eating highly processed meats and unprocessed red meats were considered. This included bacon, sausages, hams, hot dogs, salamis, pork, lamb, beef, and game.

Increased rates of mortality from all causes were shown in the evidence. Individuals with the very low intake, or no intake of meats, gained a 25 percent increase in life as compared to those with higher intake of meats. The studies also found an increase in life expectancy of over 3 1/2 years for those who consumed a vegetarian diet for more than 17 years of life.

The Vegetarian Lifestyle

Health conscious individuals are learning to add more of the “vegetarian lifestyle” to their dietary list of options. Meats can be replaced with more vegetables, rice dishes, beans, and other vegetarian protein options.

Changing the diet to include no animal products can be a challenge, but it is not impossible. The modification of adding more plant proteins can take place over a period of time allowing the individual to make progressive dietary adjustments.

High-quality nutritional supplements can be added to ensure one is getting the nutrition needed on a daily basis. Overall, making the change to vegetarian can improve life in a variety of ways including increasing life expectancy. {eoa}

Don Colbert, M.D., has been board-certified in Family Practice for over 25 years and practices Anti-Aging and Integrative medicine. He is a New York Times best-selling author of books such as The Bible Cure Series, What Would Jesus Eat, Deadly Emotions, What You Don’t Know May Be Killing You, and many more with over 10 million books sold. He is the Medical Director of the Divine Health Wellness Center in Orlando, Florida, where he has treated over 50,000 patients.

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