Jenny Weaver Prophesies Against ‘Bad Mom’ Curse

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Shawn Akers

As a mother herself, revivalist, worship leader and author Jenny Weaver wants every mother to know she is not a “bad mom.” She is not a failure as a parent in the eyes of Jesus.

In this interview with John Matarazzo of Charisma News, Weaver prophesies to women in the body of Christ that they are “soaring” and they should celebrate Mother’s Day with joy and gratitude for their children and for Jesus’ influence in their lives.

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Weaver said she had a mother who prayed her through when she was “out on the streets.” She thanks God for the prayer covering of a godly mother, which brought her out of the grip of the enemy that could well have dragged her into hell.

Here is Weaver’s prophecy to mothers for this Mother’s Day:

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“I just lift up every mother right now in the name of Jesus,” prays Weaver. “And I pray, God, that You would strengthen them and their innermost being when they feel that they are failing as a mother. I decree and declare that they are not failing, but they are soaring.

“And God, I thank You, Father, God, that You are breaking the curse of ‘I’m a bad mom’; we break that curse, that lie from the pit of hell off every mother right now, in the name of Jesus, woman of God, you have felt like you have not done enough; you have felt like you have made bad choices,” Weaver prays. “But I hear the Spirit of the Lord say to you today, ‘I will restore everything. I will restore you.”

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