Dealing with Emotional Fallout

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Right now, depression, anxiety and trauma are pandemic. Many of us are dealing with the emotional fallout of living through a traumatic, world-changing event. No matter how hard we have believed or how many hours we have prayed or how many Scriptures verses we have read, we cannot seem to shake it off.

Others of us are watching our loved ones, neighbors, church family and co-workers succumb to the debilitating, emotional fallout from all we have suffered through (and continue to suffer through) in this last two years. God is stirring up leaders to address the very real trauma that people have experienced; I am one of them.

The body of Christ needs to be prepared and equipped to be deal with and bring healing to depression, anxiety and trauma. The enemy’s agenda is to render us helpless, powerless and hopeless. A spirit of fear over our health, welfare and security is pervasive. It has become a demonic stronghold but the good news is that the Lord has a plan to heal and empower us to bring hope to the world.

Where do we begin? What do we need to know? How do we embrace our own healing? How do we help others heal? What does the Bible say about trauma, depression and anxiety? All these questions and more are answered as my special guests, Drs Mark Chironna, Pete Bellini and Mike Hutchings, and I tackle these vitally important topics on the Move Forward podcast with Dr. Kim Maas.

Listen in as Prophet, Bishop, author and senior pastor of Church on the Edge, Dr. Mark Chironna, shares his own journey through a three-and-a-half-year battle with depression and anxiety. Though a deeply devoted Christian, experienced pastor and happily married husband with children, he could neither ignore nor wish away his emotional distress. Dr. Chironna brings practical wisdom about how to navigate depression and how to be a friend to those who are suffering.

Then, gain a new understanding of depression from God’s point of view as Dr. Pete Bellini shares with us amazing insights from his new book called The Cerulean Soul: A Relational Theology of Depression. God is relational and His approach to healing depression, anxiety and trauma is relational. Dr. Bellini’s passionate for the prophetic and his mix of prophetic insight, coupled with a dynamic and easy-to-follow teaching style, will stir your spirit as he engages your mind and captures both your attention and your heart.

Finally, learn how God is freeing His people from trauma as Dr. Mike Hutchings, director of Global Awakening’s School of Supernatural Ministry, shares his amazing, first-hand testimonies and experiences of seeing people set free from PTSD, depression and acute trauma. Dr. Mike is a forerunner in the area of supernatural healing and he travels the world training and equipping the body of Christ to move in the gifts of healing. You won’t want to miss what he has to say about healing from trauma, as he brings us a life-changing teaching from his fabulous book on the subject, Supernatural Freedom from the Captivity of Trauma: Overcoming the Hindrance to your Wholeness.

Friends — God heals today. I have seen blind eyes and deaf ears opened, crooked bodies made straight and cancer healed. We can believe for God not only to heal bodies but to heal depression, anxiety and trauma too!

Are you ready for a radical encounter with the healing love of the Father? Then you’ll also want to be sure to listen to my interview with Leif Hetland as well. Let’s get free!

And as we do, let’s walk in the way of the kingdom! Listen as Dr. Kim Maas speaks about her newest book, The Way of the Kingdom, Seizing the Times for a Great Move of God, in her podcast episode dated August 17th. You can purchase your copy now wherever books are sold. {eoa}

Dr. Kim Maas is the author of The Way of the Kingdom: Seizing the Times for a Great Move of God and Prophetic Community: God’s Call for All to Minister in His Gifts. She also hosts Move Forward on Charisma Podcast Network and the Prophetic Community e-course here. For more resources to help you to move forward, visit and join her email list at

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