‘Unplanned’ Actress Pursuing Call to Help People Find Healing

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Anthony Hart

Few Christians pick up the cultural mandate to step outside the walls of church and meaningfully influence mainstream culture. Even fewer believers strategically use their God-given talents, Spirit-led wisdom and true authenticity (warts and all) to change the way the average person thinks about how healing of the soul can be intertwined with spiritual growth.

One of these courageous, visionary Christians, who have picked up the cultural mandate and aim to change culture for Christ, is a former top dancer who traded “Purple Reign” for Jesus’ reign.

Robia Scott became part of pop culture by once being “Pearl” in the late musical superstar Prince’s culturally iconic album and accompanying dance team of the same name: “Diamonds and Pearls.”

Robia Scott began her career at the age of 16 as a professional dancer and actress in Hollywood. She skyrocketed to success touring the world as a dancer with Prince and starring in hit television shows such as Beverly Hills, 90210 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

God used this rise to fame in the 1990s to give Robia a unique platform, which she has chosen to use after her spiritual transformation to impact millions of people through the power, revelations and love of the Holy Spirit. This platform of visibility in the entertainment industry has lasted for many years.

Robia was one of the main characters in the pro-life movie “Unplanned,” who was penned and directed by the filmmakers who did “God’s Not Dead.” She was also in the episodic faith-based crime drama series called “Vindication,” which follows the small-town investigative work of a detective.

Her latest movie “Pursuit of Freedom,” which focuses on human trafficking, was a hit last year and is now available on Amazon Prime. It’s the real-life story of a Ukrainian woman who was separated from her three children and sold into trafficking by Russian gangsters. Against the odds, she survived, and she was reunited with her children.

Even with all her success in films and TV series in recent years, Robia still feels the connection back to the legendary performer Prince.

With the reissuing of late great singer and extraordinary musician Prince’s “Diamonds and Pearls” album in remastered and deluxe versions and 47 new tracks on Oct. 27, the Holy Spirit is creating a new opportunity for Robia to use her platform of fame and notoriety to bring people to a point of finding healing for their souls.

As the founder of Robia Scott Ministries, Robia has alignment and the proper posture to bring teachings of the restorative, Spirit-led life to people who need emotional healing, Christian and non-Christian alike. This is a path to influence culture, person by person, by creating meaningful and substantive films and TV series that inject practical biblical wisdom in entertaining, subtle and emotional ways that connect with people.

Her collaboration with Prince had an unexpected impact. She began to realize the long-term effects of soul injuries when she was working with Prince.

“Prince opened up to me and got a little vulnerable. He said, ‘You know why you’ll never see me in sweatpants?’ And I said, ‘No.’ He told me his story about his home and his upbringing and not having the finances and the money being an issue and being a struggle,” says Robia, who saw Prince as a spiritual person. She also believes Prince came to know the Lord before he passed away.

“I started dealing with some struggles myself. I was not a Christian yet at the time. I was on stage and on screen and traveling the world and on a hit TV show and with Prince and doing all this stuff,” she continues. “I was portraying this image of confidence, this image of power, this image of ‘I’ve got it all’ image of success, but it was very different, the image I was portraying than where I was living,” she admits.

“I had to find my own healing through Christ and work my own process,” she says.

The way Robia came to Christ showed that God can use anything and anyone to point a person to Him. She asserts that she always believed in God but did not have a relationship with God.

“God just so meets us where we are, and I was literally driving to an audition in my car on the freeway, and I said, ‘God, I don’t get the whole born again Christian thing.’ I had some people starting to talk to me about Jesus, but I thought ‘oh, I don’t know, born again. Do I need to have big blonde hair?'”

She asked God to reveal Himself to her. The next thing she knew “a pack of Hell’s Angels” were encircling her car.

“I’ve got the motorcycle gang literally all around my car in front of me on the side of me. And I go and I’m thinking, ‘oh my gosh, like this is crazy.’ I’m praying to God, and I’ve got a Hell’s Angel surrounding me, and I’m asking God to just reveal himself, reveal Jesus, and give me a sign.”

She says, “I’ve got two bikes in front of me, two motorcycle guys, and they’ve got leather jackets on. And I look on the back of their jackets, there’s a big cross, and over the cross it says, ‘We ride for Jesus.’ Really? Yeah. So, they were not Hell’s Angels. They were a Jesus motorcycle gang. So, I start cracking up, and that was like the beginning of God really starting to speak to me and woo me and pursue me.”

She goes on to say, “Then through this process of really seeking him, I became a Christian. I got plugged into a great church, and then I started that process of healing that 3 John 2, ‘Beloved, I pray above all things that you’re in health and you prosper as your soul prospers.'”

This process led Robia into the multi-dimensional Spirit-led life, and, through Robia Scott Ministries, she rests in the creative flow of the Holy Spirit to help multitudes of more people experience this true freedom of spirit and soul, while she continues to act in films and TV series that reveal truth, build people’s faith, and contribute to cultural reformation.

Anthony Hart is a freelance writer.

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