Unexplained Weather Forecast: Are Aliens to Blame?

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Abby Trivett

Did UFOs cause a strange weather phenomenon?

Alien enthusiasts are going wild over the possibility of UFOs causing massive 80-foot waves off of the coast of Africa.

As Fox News reported, a weather model showed a massive “error,” which portrayed a system with 80-foot waves the size of Texas moving along Africa’s coastline. This led some to believe it was actually aliens moving along the coast.

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The weather forecasting app, Ventusky, said the issue was just an error. They addressed the alien rumors and said what they would do to prevent future glitches.

“A significant number of people still do not believe that the giant waves off Africa were just an error and prefer UFO theories,” Ventusky wrote on X. “What can we do as a visualization platform? Add more sources! Therefore, we are incorporating another wave model from respected source Météo-France.”

This comes after a major uproar surrounding aliens happened just last year when what appeared to be mummified corpses were found in Mexico.

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Nephilim expert L.A. Marzulli told Charisma News about how important it is for Christians to understand end times deception, which causes many people to get caught up in unfounded conspiracies far from the truth of the cross.

“We are seeing the beginnings of that strong delusion, and the delusion is, ‘Well, there is no God. We [aliens] actually created all life on this planet,’ when they show up,” Marzulli said.

“Pastors basically can start by warning their congregation [about] what is going on. Do it from a biblical viewpoint,” Marzulli continued.

Just as deception swarmed around the topic of aliens last year, we are still vulnerable today to the lies about aliens. Before we assume aliens control the weather, civilization or anything else, perhaps it is best if we look at our surroundings through a biblical lens first.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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